Dinner on the Terrace

Laura served dinner on the terrace and sent me photos. With that view who needs dinner!

wine glass for blog

On the menu: Chicken Marinara

Time: 30 minutes.

Baked chicken breast medallions over angel hair pasta with an artichoke, black olive, and tiny squares of fresh mozzarella marinara topped with basil. A side of (canned) green beans tossed with olive oil, vinegar, and chopped walnuts, refrigerated. You just can’t mess this one up. Mala note: canned green beans. Seriously? I could have given you fresh radishes, arugula and lettuce from my garden. My beans just started to bloom.

Chicken Marinara

For my recent birthday Laura gave me a bottle of black truffle oil. Last night I made mushroom risotto and used some of the oil. Wow. It really ramped up the flavor. What a great gift.

Summer crabs should be available soon. Stay tuned.