Laura Wears Her Pretty Woman Hooker Boots

Laura writes…

Last night was the fund-raising kick-off for the Rehoboth Independent Film Festival. My artwork was chosen to represent the Festival on its posters and programs, t-shirts, etc.

I’ve had a pair of spike heeled thigh high, ostrich skin (vinyl) boots for years. They sit in my closet taunting me to wear them. But everytime I put them on I feel like Julia Roberts playing the hooker in Pretty Woman. So I take them off and put them back in the closet.

Mala and I went to this gathering of eclectic arty film buffs. It seemed the perfect time for me to indulge my “I am an ARTIST!” persona.

Note: I did NOT pair my boots with a sky high miniskirt. NO one needs to see that.

Nobody even looked at my boots. These were the shoes worn by the Festival’s Board President.

Trailers for several of the movies were previewed at the party Awesome! It will be really hard to pick which ones I want to see.

This is me with the Festival Board: President, Eric Kafka; Executive Director, Sue Early; Festival Program Directory, Joe Bilancio.

I’ve been attending the Film Festival for the last ten years. It’ s four days each year I don’t miss. There are independent films from all over the world. When I leave, I always feel like I’ve had a mini global vacation. (The inspiration for the title of my artwork: “Come to the Fest and Sea the World.”) And like any other vacation, I always come back having gained a few pounds. There are sooooo many absolutely fabulous restaurants in Rehoboth and Lewis. And of course I have to do my best to try them all. Luckily my boots don’t care how fat I get!

If you haven’t been to the Rehoboth Independent Film Festival, go! And bring YOUR wildest boots. I guarantee, you’ll feel right at home!