Bay to Ocean Registration Officially Open

Registration for the 20th annual Bay to Ocean Writers Conference officially opened today. At 6 a.m. I sent out a MailChimp email to our list of over 1000 who may be interested.

Here’s the link for the BTO sessions. I spent months pulling faculty together with the help of my committee, Ann Wilson and Loriann Oberlin. Then I began asking, nudging, bullying presenters for the information we needed and put it on the website.It had to be ready to go by today.

This year a new speaker on the topic of memoir is Glen Finland.


Her book, Next Stop: An Autistic Son Grows Up, about helping her young adult autistic son cope with being out in the world has won multiple awards. Memoir is just one of the craft topics available at the conference. If you are a writer or have been thinking about writing, this conference has something for writers of every level. There’s always something new to learn.

Registration is through EventBrite (handled by ESWA Treasurer Charlene Marcum) and yesterday I registered my husband just to make sure that worked. It did! Phew! That’s always a relief.

This conference wouldn’t happen without the hard work of people who’ve done specific jobs for a number of years. At this point it’s a pretty well oiled machine, but it’s very exciting to be involved in the 20th year of this conference. Is Making Me Crazy

I’ve spent the last couple of days cursing That’s the host of the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference website that I manage. I’m working on the page for the 2015 conference to be held February 28, 2015.

The problem with Homestead is that it is taking forever to bring up the site. I can log in to my account, select the website I want to work on and then have to wait for an hour for the page I want to work on to load. I’ve been able to get on a couple of times to work on it, but the site now has the annoying habit of shutting itself down if I leave it for too long. It used to load quickly and I could leave it on the bottom of my screen if I needed to fold a load of clothes from the dryer.

This afternoon I kept a kitchen timer with me so I checked my computer every five minutes to see if the page had loaded. I finally gave up when I needed to be in the kitchen to cook dinner. The page had been loading for over 45 minutes. It might be our Verizon DSL on the Eastern Shore. Some afternoons it just craps out. I suppose because too many people are at work looking at porn.

Last week I called the tech people at Homestead. They suggested I clear my browser cache and cookies. I did that but it didn’t help. I suppose I will have to call again or go to “the community” for help. The problem is that most days I can’t get to the page where the Help icon is shown.

My goal is to have the BTO 2015 page ready to publish on the website by September 1. That gives me time to contact the conference faculty and let them proof the descriptions of their sessions and their bios. Registration for the conference begins October 1 and I like to be ready long before the deadline. In the meantime I am totally frustrated and eating more cookies than I should.