They Come In Out of the Rain

The Romance in the Pasture continues as a visibly pregnant wife was seen standing by the fence. I have a feeling this gestation will be brief as it would be pretty boring to see the wife pregnant for nine months.

pregnant wife by fence

Then we see her and her husband under the tractor. Oh, wait, that’s not her husband. He’s on the porch petting the dog. It’s the repair guy under the tractor with the pregnant lady. Hmmm. Is there a backstory here? And didn’t they check the weather forecast? Hurricane Joaquin is on the way.

romance in meadow - people under tractor

I drove past several times with the two of them on the ground in the pouring rain as we got the feeder bands from Joaquin. “Get your wife inside,” I thought, and drove on.

This morning I drove to Easton and was going to stop for a photo on the way back. By that time the couple had taken shelter. Or maybe the wife has gone into labor.

The tractor is still awaiting repairs. I noticed the wheel was chained to the fence. I suppose so no one steals it. And that tool box must be full of water.

tractor without wheel

And last night on my way to my Working Writer’s Forum in Easton the tractor was gone. We’ll keep watching how the story unfolds. Anybody want to suggest names for the baby?

I wonder if the cottage will be decorated for Halloween? Will the couple wear costumes?

Google tells me that the trendiest Halloween costumes for 2015 include Wendy Davis, and Donald Trump. Whatever happened to Star Wars, The Minions, super heroes, and  Disney princesses? Or pirates and ghosts? What do you think the couple in the pasture will wear for Halloween?

Urban Dictionary

Writers are all about resources. Here is one you should know about with a caveat… My latest favorite word, delivered into my inbox, was nerd-do-well. This is a financially successful nerd as in, “He was thought to be the loser of his graduation class, but now this nerd-do-well could easily buy the friggin’ school.” Another one, “bong appetit,” made it into a recent rewrite of one of our scripts.

How about Chik-Fil-Atheist? A person who loves Chik-Fil-A, but not God, and is therefore pissed that Chik-Fil-A is closed on Sundays.

Then there’s one I really relate to…commaphobia which is a condition of writers with comma aversions because they never know if the comma should go inside or outside quotation marks.

Here’s the caveat about this website. it’s amazingly distracting.  Ten minutes go by and you can’t remember what you were trying to find in the first place – or why. Another problem is that many of our searches are in the form of a question (e.g. what are slang terms for getting the munchies when you smoke weed), and doesn’t cope well with questions. Bong appetit didn’t come as the result of a search. It showed up in our in boxes and was so good we rewrote a scene to include it.

And sometimes Urban Dictionary just gives you way too much information… as in brozilian derived from the term brazilian which refers to the near-complete removal of….  I am not even going to think about trying to add a visual!