Write on Wednesday – Won’t You Be My Neighbor – September 19, 2018

Our local movie theater in Easton, Maryland, has an Encore series on Thursdays. Movies at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm. My husband and I often go to the 4pm and then to dinner at Osteria Alfredo. For a small town Easton has its share of good restaurants and this is one of them. Excellent food and service…unless they are understaffed which happens from time to time. Osteria Alfredo is the same restaurant where the Stinky Book Club meets monthly. Although in Book Club emails the restaurant has been called Feckless Ostriches, Freaky Ostriches, Fractured Ostrich, Forsaken Ostrich, Ostrich Frenzy,  and Foolish Osprey. What can I say? We are three writers who like to play with words. I think the Ostrich part started when Laura’s husband could never remember the name of the restaurant.

The Thursday films are eclectic. Sometimes the things you would see at an art house. Sometimes a film that will be at the theater for only one day.  Sometimes films suggested by the regular attendees. The 4pm show is often sold out and the Osteria, which is in the same shopping center, is packed with those of us who like to go to bed early.

Last week my husband and I saw Won’t You Be My Neighbor, a documentary film about Fred Rogers.

Screenshot (16)

Filmmaker Morgan Neville delves into the life of the Fred Rogers, the man behind the show my children watched. I came out of the theater with a pocketful of wadded up Kleenex and a need to call my adult kids and tell them how special I think they are.

Read the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and you’ll wonder, as I did, where are the Mister Rogers of today? We need them.