Six on Saturday – Rain, Please – September 21, 2019

Still dry here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I have been continuing to move plants although digging is more like jack hammering concrete. Even with constant watering there will be plant loss.

In my community garden bed one cucumber plant has been outdoing itself. I pick this many or more at least once a week. My yoga class takes them home, I take them to the salon where I get my hair cut and make lots of cuke and onion salad for myself. My husband doesn’t like cucumbers and I can only eat so many. The tag that came with this plant is still there so I will know what kind to get next year.


2. The tall New England asters are beginning to bloom. They will be gorgeous with the goldenrod planted next to them.


3. Seed pods on the native milkweed are bursting with seeds.


4.  In the same area of my garden Verbena bonariensis loves the miserable soil. Someone posted last week that this verbena didn’t do well for them. Their soil might be too good. And these have done well despite no rain for two months. Only an occasional sprinkler on them.


5. I have some carrots in my community garden bed. One of them is going to seed, but it is really pretty.


6. It’s been in the high fifties at night. Our first fire of the season is only weeks away.


That’s my Six on Saturday as we head toward fall. The meme was started by The Propagator, a UK gardener. I learn something every week from the participating gardeners. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.  


9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Rain, Please – September 21, 2019

  1. I also grow cucumbers but here, everyone eats them. By cons , I prefer Dutch varieties that are elongated and without pips. We digest them better. Give it a try and you’ll see?
    Nice asters from New England. I like this color, mine are darker. I will definitely introduce them next week, then.


  2. The whim of climate, soil, plant & gardener – my goldenrod are all done for the season while my asters are just starting up. I so miss milkweed that I must see if they can be found on this side of the pond. That’s a healthy wood pile you’ve got going there & a nice crop of veg from the community garden. We’re supposed to have rain today, after a dry spell. Here’s hoping yours comes soon, too.


  3. Milkweed seems such a fun plant, but it didn’t last here when I tried it. Nice to hear that your cucumbers etc are being spread around. I put our spares by the front gate and they all go, but you are never sure whether they are taken by one person or many!


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