Six on Saturday – Beginning Some Fall Chores – August 3, 2019

The last kettle of tomato sauce is simmering on the stove and I am beginning to pull up tomato plants. This morning I cut back the basil which had gone to seed and hope it will  provide me with some new leaves. In the front of the house I cut back cleome. They will put out blooming sides shoots. I also cut back the Knock-out roses which should give me a flush of new blooms in a couple of weeks. We had some welcome rain on Friday, but we need more.

On a writing note, the third novel in my Caribbean series will go to the proofer at the end of this month. It’s been a long haul, but I’m happy with my paranormal romance set in the Caribbean. Just FYI… it’s not a bodice ripper. It should be available on Amazon sometime this fall. 

  1. The striped zinnia’s I raised from seed have only given me an orange/red and a white/pink. I’ve had a photo of the orange/red before but couldn’t resist showing it again. I will definitely save seeds from these two.

2. Joe Pye is begining to bloom. It seems to be later than in other people’s gardens, but I am just glad to have it back. Two years ago I dug most of it out. Not sure now why I did that, but at the time it seemed like a good idea. Now I’ve put back smaller plants and will have to wait for them to get to be a good size.


3. Beauty Berry is setting seeds. They will turn a vivid violet in late summer. The drought has been problematic for them and even with watering I wondered if they would set seeds.


4. Coleus and impatiens in the front window boxes are thriving. I’ve had to cut the coleus back twice or we wouldn’t be able to see out of the windows. Next year I’ll see if I can get seeds for a variety that doesn’t get so tall. I do like the color of this coleus with the Sunpatiens that tolerate the late afternoon sun of my drip irrigated window boxes.


5. This is the area (marked by flags) where my naked lady lilies should be coming up. No sign of anything yet. I saw one in a neighbor’s garden on my morning walk so I’m wondering what’s going on. I think I have to be patient — not my long suit.


6. Sedum Autumn Joy will be glorious in a month.


That’s my six for this week as we head toward fall. The meme was started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. I learn something every week from the participating gardeners. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in. 


10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Beginning Some Fall Chores – August 3, 2019

  1. My callicarpa shrubs are finishing their flowering and, like you, I wonder if I will have berries as it was hot and dry this summer. We will see.
      Always in love with your zinnias striped!


  2. Naked lady are in full bloom right now. I should probably document when they bloom annually to see how variable they are. I find them to be surprisingly every year. Sometimes, I think of them as a September bloomer. I just do not remeber.


  3. Our seasons are so different – my tomatoes are just now coming ripe w/tons more to eat & cook & freeze. (I do think they’re late, but there’s no sign of losing them any time soon.) Does your basil over winter? Congrats on novel #3 coming out soon!


    • Hi, Lora, the basil does not overwinter. Because I can tomatoes I actually want them all to ripen over about a one month period so that chore is done and I can pull out the plants. Last year I planted spaghetti squash seeds end of August and for the first time in my life the borers didn’t get the squash vines. I got 12 squash that almost lasted me thru the winter. I’ll try that again this year.

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