Six on Saturday – Summer Garden – July 27, 2019

We are having a short respite from the extremely hot temperatures, but the rain that deluged most of the east coast on Tuesday mostly bypassed us. The gardens are dry and I am still on hose duty.  We are puppy sitting this week for a friend and loving every minute. Boca (a teacup Pomeranian) is “helping” me in the garden in the mornings.


2.  This is what the ground looks like in the garden.


3.  The tomatoes like the heat. In an effort to outwit the squirrels, I’m bringing them into the garage to finish ripening. Every morning I find the ones that need to be used and either make a pot of sauce or cut them up and freeze them.


4.  A chore I need to get done: These pretty sea oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)   will self-seed like crazy if I don’t cut them back. They are lovely filler in arrangements or just by themselves in a vase.


5.  When this Schubertii allium dried, the stalk was hollow so I stuck it on a bamboo stake. Even my raised beds with drip irrigation are pathetic in this heat. The beans are not doing well.


6. Borrowed landscape. A spectacular crepe myrtle two doors down. But it has been too hot to be outside to enjoy it except in the early morning.


That’s my quick six for this week, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. I learn something every week from the participating gardeners. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in. #lovemygarden

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Summer Garden – July 27, 2019

  1. Your neighbour’s myrtle is breath taking. The poor cracked earth, tho. It is painful to see. You look to be having a great tomato crop – mine are very slow this year, so a bit of envy here. Enjoy your little guest. Bet Boca’s a great helper in the garden. May the rabbits tremble in fear.

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    • The first time we kept her we saw rabbits out on a walk. She seemed perplexed and her owner told me she thought she’d never seen a rabbit. Squirrels, but no rabbits. I keep her right with me on a leash when we walk as I don’t want her to be taken by an eagle. Se haven’t had a dog for years and this is a treat although we must be careful where we step. She’s just six pounds.

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      • Might be a bit awkward telling her owners she got taken by an eagle. Egads! What kind do you have there? As to rabbits, I was thinking of the ones that took up residence under one of your out buildings last year, I think it was. But 6 pounds, she might not frighten anything, not even a squirrel. Do enjoy her!


  2. Boca being taken by an eagle is unlikely, but her “parent’s” don’t have children so it is rather like when we took care of the grandchildren when they were young. God forbid anything terrible happened on our watch. We do have rabbits that do what rabbits do under our shed. They are a problem in my garden.


  3. Little dogs make for the best sixes.
    How wide is that allium bloom carcass? We used to let the agapanthus blooms dry to put in vases with other dried flowers. I didn’t do it, by my neighbor knew how to do such things.


      • Wow, that is wider than agapanthus.
        Agapanthus flower get plucked after bloom so that they do not got to seed. Also, the foliage looks better without the spent blooms. If I want to dry them, I leave them in place, but snap off the seed pods, both to get rid of the seed and also to get some weight off of the stems, so that they stand and dry a bit straighter.


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