Six on Saturday – Hot, Hot, Hot – June 29, 2019

Summer temperatures are finally here. In the mid-nineties most days. No rain for a week but I’m not complaining…yet. I’ve been pressure washing the house a side a day with the  loan of equipment from my neighbor. I’m wet by the time I finish, but with the heat I don’t mind. There’s lots of color in the garden this time of year and I enjoy my early morning walk to check on everything. Saw the first Japanese beetle last week so will start carrying a container of soapy water on my walks around the garden to drown them in.  Easier than squishing the beetles.

  1. This clematis just keeps blooming when the others have stopped.  I lost the tag for this one when the lattice was replace but I thought it was Arabella. When I googled clematis Arabella it said it was non-vining. This doesn’t get very tall but I have tucked it into the lattice and it seems happy. I’m sticking with Arabella.


2. The Vitex tree (aka Chaste tree) at the end of the driveway is now in full bloom. I didn’t get around to cutting it back this spring so it is now taller than I want it to be. It blooms on new wood so will need to be trimmed aggressively next spring.


3. I planted a packet of zinnia seeds that I found in my seed box. This first bloom has wonky petals but I love the color.  Some other zinnias I planted from seed are too tall and get floppy. Next year I’ll pay more attention to plant height but I will certainly save seed from this beauty.


4. Getting more sun with last year’s removal of a river birch has benefited this clump of purple coneflower.


5. I have shasta daisies several places in the garden. They are descendents of a clump at the house when we moved here 13 years ago. There wasn’t much here. The daisies were planted in a small circle in the middle of the backyard ringed with a variety of odd stones the family must have brought home from trips.


6. Coreopsis Moonbeam spreads and I now have it multiple places in the garden and in some pots. If sheared back by a third, it will bloom again late summer and fall. Wikipedia tells me: “Coreopsis verticillata is a North American species of tickseed in the sunflower family.” I am a sucker for anything with yellow flowers. I love the pop in shaded parts of my garden.


That’s six from my hot summer garden. #lovemygarden. The SoS meme was started by The Propogator, a UK gardener.  This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.

19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Hot, Hot, Hot – June 29, 2019

  1. I also have a chaste tree but the flower buds have just appeared. I think it takes a few more weeks compared to yours.
    Lovely zinnia: mine have just single color and I’d like to find one like yours.


  2. I love the beauty you share. I have not had the pleasure of seeing many of these in real life. I wish that I could get some to grow, but the heat just kills anything I try.


  3. The Coreopsis Moonbeam has a lovely petal shape and a great color. And I agree with you, yellow can really enliven the green of the garden. Also, I am trying to increase the number of natives I am growing (I have some smaller tickseed that come up on their own). I’ll be on the lookout for it. Thanks for sharing. By the way, Maryland also has the best seafood!


    • I like anything in the garden that doesn’t require much care. We are having a bumper crop of blue crabs this year. YUM! I’m old enough to remember when we could get a bushel of steamed crabs for $25. Now a dozen big ones might be $50.


  4. Your Arabella is absolutely fabulous – so many flowers and a lovely colour too. I hope my new clematis will reward me with lots of flowers in years to come.


  5. Your zinnia reminded me that I forgot to grow some this year, oh well I will have to admire other people’s. Lovely flowers


  6. I ‘almost’ grew a chaste tree, but declined. I don’t remember why. Perhaps because I don’t like purple much, but was not impressed with the white version. I really am unfamiliar with it. I saw something known as a Texas lilac, but it was bare in winter, and I could not determine what species it was, or if it was a Vitex at all.


  7. I’m another one on Team Coreopsis. Yours is really quite the stunner. Like the clematis, whatever the name. I’ve not seen a zinnia like yours before, but this is my first year growing them, so I’m fairly zinnia ignorant. It sizzles, that one does.


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