Six on Saturday – Pot Pourri – May 18, 2019

This week’s SoS pot pourri are not all from my garden.

Last weekend the husband and I were in Spokane, Washington for the graduation of our granddaughter from Gonzaga University.  We were so proud as Ellen graduated Magna cum laude. All of our four children were there to celebrate. They live in different parts of the states so it’s unusual to get them all in the same place at once. It made the weekend even more special.


2.  It’s strawberry time in Maryland. But it’s been so wet I wondered if I would be able to get berries to make jam. I snagged a flat of these beauties on Thursday. Some have already been made into jam and some will top shortcake. Any leftovers (doubtful) will go in the freezer. Local strawberries are such a treat we eat them at least twice a day for the time they are available.


3. My tomato bed at the community garden was planted two weeks ago. These are Amish Paste and Tiren (a new to me Italian plum tomato). I put down a paper that is supposed to degrade by the end of the growing season. This is the first time I have used this product and will be interested to see how it does. Anything to keep the weeds at bay.

This morning I planted a slicing cucumber at the front of the bed. The photo was taken before I did that.


4. The rose on the new trellis by the shed is very happy. This is the third year for this rose which was a bare root planting.


5. Yellow false indigo does well in a sunny spot in the garden.


6. The Knock Out roses along the driveway are in bloom. They have become a favorite as they bloom until we have a hard frost and require very little care. I cut them back in March and then again mid-summer to keep them from getting too tall.


That’s my Six on Saturday for this week. This meme was started by The Propogator, a UK gardener.  This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.





18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Pot Pourri – May 18, 2019

  1. Those strawberries are absolutely perfect! They reminded me of how, where I used to live, the “strawberry man” would sell flats on the corner in the neighborhood. He wasn’t supposed to of course, but they were leftovers from the farmers market earlier that day.
    How nice your children could all get together. I’m in Oregon, and one of mine is all the way in Rhode Island. When he came out last year to visit the airline cancelled flights halfway here, and he only got to stay for two nights, one full day!


  2. Congratulations on your granddaughter ! I’m waiting for my son’s results for mid-June.
    Impressed by the tomato supports : It’s original and certainly handy for them to climb without breaking.


  3. I’ve always thought baptisia is a great plant and recently added ‘Sparkling Sapphire’ in my new rose bed. Mala, how great that the whole family made the graduation! You were relatively close by here. Was Spokane hot yet? Too funny that I’ve been all the way east in Virginia visiting my two daughters for a while in May. Perhaps our flight paths crossed…


  4. The strawberries look (and sound) delicious and I love the tomato bed! Your low growing roses are fab too, I shall have to look up ‘knock out roses’ as I have never heard that term before. Are they scented?


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