Six on Saturday – In Every Corner – May 11, 2019

There’s something happening in every corner of my garden. The window boxes in the front have been planted and the drip irrigation placed in the boxes. The drip system in the back in my raised beds and the gardens around them has a geyser, but an oops plug should fix it. We’ve had more rain so I am still in my chicken boots walking around. The  roses are beginning to bloom.

  1. The Golden Showers rose that I planted two years ago has multiple blooms this year. I love the closeup photo.

2. The straw bale now has the baby volunteer potatoes inserted into it. There is a turn off valve before the part of the drip system that used to go into my purple wheelbarrow. I may need to tweak this as the wheelbarrow is history. But for now it’s been so wet, I don’t have that part of the irrigation system turned on.


3. Last year the cornflowers I grew from seed last year didn’t do much. Just a couple of blooms. This year the plants are full of buds and this is the first open flower. In another week or two that part of one of my raised beds will be spectacular.


4. A white peony… the roots given to me by a friend. I don’t know the name. This year I managed to get support around it early so the blooms didn’t end up on the ground. The azalea in the left foreground is Rosebud. If I was an artist I would try to paint one or these peonies as a watercolor. The gray tones against the cream are gorgeous.


5. Last weekend’s rain filled the Jan Kirsch avocado. Just beyond it and in the foreground are Martha Hitchcock azaleas. My favorite. I lost three large Martha Hitchcocks in another area of the garden this winter. I think it was just too wet. These plants are in a drier area. However, this year that’s a relative term.

6. In another corner of the garden the hardy orchid, Bletilla Striata, is just coming into bloom, a compliment to the clematis Abilene. The black pot on the left has hyacinth beans planted in it. They have not germinated so I will try again. The pot is near one of the supports on which the hyacinth bean vines climb.


That’s my Six on Saturday. There is something happening in every corner of my garden at this time of the year. This meme was started by The Propogator, a UK gardener.  This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – In Every Corner – May 11, 2019

  1. Glad to see your avocado filled.
    The blettila and this clematis go together very well. I will wait the next year to see my blettila in bloom. By cons, that your white peonies are beautiful !! Gorgeous…


  2. Is that a perennial cornflowers? I sort of think that the annuals sorts really are annual (so do not bloom a second year), but I do not remember.
    that peony is so excellent. One of the problems with being in such a mild climate is that we can not grow them, or at least most of us do not grow them. I have seen them do well in my former neighborhood. No one can explain why they do well in some gardens, but only a few.


    • I don’t know if the cornflower is perennial. I grew it from seed last year and only had one bloom. This year it’s full of blooms so I am hoping it’s a perennial. The peonies are gorgeous but only last two weeks at most. Kind of not worth the effort.

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      • Two weeks is about what we get, which is pretty cool for those who can grow them.
        The cornflower probably just overwintered because it did not get to complete its life cycle last year.


      • Mine were annual, but I really do not know if they had potential to be perennial if I had not pulled them up in winter. (Embarrassingly, that was the topic for my garden column next week.)


  3. Your white peonies and cornflowers are SO so pretty! I’m dying over your avocado sculpture! Where did you find it/purchase it? I juts checked out her studio and all of her creations are just so amazing and creative!


    • Jan Kirsch lives in our community. The avocado is made from concrete and has no drainage holes so it is a problem to clean it. Her newer versions are made from a lighter material and I suspect she has corrected the drainage issue.

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