Six on Saturday – Squelching in the Garden – March 2, 1019

I am not a shoe fashionista. I have almost as many pairs of boots as I do shoes. Last night it rained. Again! So this morning I was either going to squelch through my yard in search of pictures for my Six on Saturday, or abandon the effort. I put on a warm coat and hat and picked up my camera. In the garage the decision was about which boots to wear. Clearly the Sloggers were too low. My chicken boots might have done, but I didn’t want mud splashed on my pants. The choice was the bright orange boots that come almost to my knees. They are the tallest I own. If it keeps raining I may have to invest in waders.

IMG_8321 (1)

2. We have standing water in places where we’ve never had it before.

3. I found these little puff balls (the size of golf balls) growing on mulch by the raised beds. A poke with my finger released a cloud of spores.


4.  The invasive Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) along the lot line in the back of the property is beginning to leaf out. If I won the lottery I would take them all out and replace them with something else, but they do provide a green barrier between us and the neighbors in the back. I suspect these specimens are fifty years old. They have large trunks.

IMG_8334 (1)

5. Finally I see some daffodils with bloom buds. There are other clumps with leaves but no evidence yet of blooms.

IMG_8343 (1)

6. In the garage I found an amarylis bulb that needs to be planted. I can’t be bothered to try and force them inside in the winter, but I plant them outside late spring and they usually bloom. This one will have to go in a pot. It’s too wet to plant it in the ground. A friend gave it to me in January. It had been coated in red wax. I peeled the wax off and threw it in a box  under a table in the garage where it has remained. I only spotted it when I was pulling off my orange boots.


That’s my Six on Saturday, photos in my garden once a week, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener.  This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.

22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Squelching in the Garden – March 2, 1019

  1. At least it wasn’t snow! Love your boot selection. New boots are on my list as mine have holes to low to keep my socks dry. Our daffodils are still only about 1″ tall, but since forecast is for single digits F this week, there’s no reason for them to hurry other than I’d love to see them! Plant that amaryllis in a pot and bring it indoors. It will be beautiful and something to look at until the water recedes.


    • That’s the plan with the amarylis. You’ve reminded me to bring in the bag of potting soil outside the garage door. It’s supposed to rain again tomorrow. And I am glad it’s not snow.


  2. All this rain water ..! After the snow you’re out of luck.
    For the amaryllis bring it home, near a window and put the pot in a “cup full of water” ( I don’t know how you name it) . It will start faster !


  3. Your yard looks like mine! I have more standing water than in years past too. Then snow (that’s “new” for just the past three years) that melted didn’t help.
    Soggy, and the dogs won’t keep out of it.


    • More rain predicted for tomorrow. We did have a little snow a couple of days ago but it melted and just added to the mess. We don’t have dogs currently but a friend of mine who does says she spends all her time mopping her kitchen floor.


  4. Japanese honeysuckle is one of my favorites for fragrance, but it does not look like much, even here, where it keeps its foliage and can bloom at any time. It is an interesting genus. I have studied other specie, Including some that are popular in home gardening, but most lack fragrance. The whole point of honeysuckle is the fragrance. duh.


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