Six on Saturday – A Retrospective – February 23, 2019

Much of my garden is still under water. We have lived in this house for twelve years now and there is standing water where I have never seen it before. I don’t like to think about summer mosquitoes if this continues. I suggested to my husband that we might build more decking over the worst of it…a suggestion that was not greeted with enthusiasm.

So I am began looking through past photos around this date. That resulted in some surprises.

  1. 2018. Last year I had blooming crocuses on February 20. This year no buds yet.

IMG_5185 (2)

2. No garden photos this time in 2017 but I did find these spectacular sunset clouds. I actually remember where I was when I took this. I had arrived at Easton Airport for my Working Writers Forum meeting. It would have been about 5:30 in the evening.


3. In 2016 around this date Bartlett Tree came to trim all the maples in our yard. The River Birch with the exfoliating bark in the foreground was removed last year. The grass is green and no standing water.


4. In 2015 we had significant snow around this time in February.


5. In 2014 the agapanthas I had brought inside were blooming. I have since put them in the ground outside in an effort to reduce the number of pots I carry in for the winter. They survived in the ground last year but no blooms last summer.


6. In 2013 I had early doffodils blooming. I don’t see buds yet this year.

daffodils Feb 15

That’s my Six on Saturday, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. This retrospective shows me that crocus and daffodil are late this year. I wonder why. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.


11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – A Retrospective – February 23, 2019

  1. It’s interesting to look back like that. Do you find that you have convinced yourself how late/early something is one year then find it’s the same as it’s been before when you look at the pictures? This year is definitely weird though.

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  2. I liked the retrospective…how can we learn if we don’t look back? Crocus bloomed here on Feb. 17 in 2017….barely a tip poking here and there thru the soil this year, and they might not be showing if it weren’t that the heavy rains have washed away so much of the soil in all the flower beds. Love the sky photo. It would make a great painting.


  3. Mala, I liked the way you looked back over the dates! In my mind the seasons are always the same! I am keeping records of most everything this year! I planted agapanthus last year and then when I actually read the tag it said “Annual.” I don’t buy too many annuals! This year already I have shoots where the agapanthus were…….hmmmm. I’ll see what I get, but will plan to put another plant very close to it. And Monty says, You know the great TV gardener from the UK? He says agapanthus likes to be crowded, so he plants them in pots and buries the pot in the garden. I didn’t do that either and mine are really far apart!


    • I planted the agapanthas outside when it just got to be too much to bring things back and forth. They die off to the ground but then come back up. They are not crowded yet. Perhaps that’s why no flowers. I’ll give them a couple more years. They aren’t in my way just yet.


    • Forgot to add….I don’t do a good job of keeping records but the photos help. I put a notebook in the garage last year and did manage to get some facts down…such as when I planted some seeds. I need to do better at record keeping.


      • Oh Mala, last year I got really serious about my garden journals! Now I am constantly noting everything and I have big big binders! I think I like having them spread all around!


  4. Hey, there’s an idea. I did not think of recycling pictures. I could use the illustrations fromt he gardening column. They would be better than pictures I could take during this week.


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