Six on Saturday – In and Out – January 12 2019

We may get some snow tomorrow. Perhaps 1 – 3″. I am hoping to get a photo of my red twig dogwood (Arctic Fire) against a white background. If I do, I’ll post it next week. It’s been cold enough that the ground is frozen along with the remaining puddles.


2. I checked the lenten roses but the buds are still furled. However, in one of my raised beds a  lone hyacinth is emerging. A squirrel must have planted it.


3. Fred the French Gardener posted a photo of moss and I could see some outside my office window. I put on my chicken boots and went out for a closer look.


4. The slender Hinoki cypress in the front of the house has lovely foliage.


5. Inside I was thrilled to see an open bloom on the first orchid I have ever managed not to kill. The blooming stalk is very long so I’ve propped it on the clivia (which shows no evidence of flowering yet).


6. I need to cut back my the geraniums in the inside big pots, but that will be a job for tomorrow when there is snow on the ground. This morning I enjoyed a spot of color.


That’s my Six on Saturday, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. There’s always something interesting in the garden if you just stop to look — even on these dark, cold winter days. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.




10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – In and Out – January 12 2019

  1. Geraniums inside? I suppose with ice and snow outside, it would be necessary. I needed to cut back a bunch in hanging pots, and could not resist processing the scraps into cuttings that I plugged all over! Oh my! I ‘sort of’ feel guilty. I’ll get over it.

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    • Geraniums won’t survive our freezing winter temperatures outside. I have one big pot that has a geranium a friend, who has since moved away, gave me. So sentimental attachment to that one. And although geraniums aren’t all that expensive, it just feels wrong to not try to bring some through the winter by bringing them inside. I, too, may try to root some of the cuttings.

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      • I got my first zonal geranium from a neighbor’s trash heap when I was in junior high. I took bits of it everywhere I moved to since then, and have sent bits to friends everywhere. It is nothing special, but I have grown it for too long to give it up. I got my second from where it had naturalized in a creek where I worked in the early 1990s.

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    • I can’t for the life of me remember where this orchid came from. I certainly didn’t buy it unless it was on a $.50 shelf and even then probably not given my history of killing them all. But I tucked it in between some other things where I didn’t really see it and then, lo and behold, a blooming stalk appeared. It’s a miracle. Now I really might consider buying one or two.


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