Six on Saturday – Should We Buy a Boat? – December 29, 2018

Yesterday it rained all day. It was so dark and gloomy, I had to push myself to get anything on my list accomplished (see #4). I reminded myself to be grateful that the inches of rain were not 30″ of snow.  Temperatures were in the fifties, so no chance of that, but the back of our property continues to be underwater. Getting to the shed requires tall waterproof boots.

  1. The garden is so wet and bedraggled that I wondered if there would be anything to photograph. When I stepped onto the deck and looked up at the lace of the leafless trees early this morning the moon was still visible, so that’s #1.


2. The lake behind the house continues to grow. I have no idea what supports the shed next to this wet area. When the ground dries out I need to get down on my belly and take a look. It’s not in the water, but whatever it’s resting on has been wet for months. My gardeners’ heart hopes that any bunny litters under the shed do not survive.


3. A tree limb, covered with lichens, came down in the storm. They are always so beautiful after a rain.


4. I managed to accomplish one thing on my “to do” list. I planted the coleus that had rooted in a clear vase on my kitchen counter.


5. I promised a photo of the dwarf Alberta spruce with the Christmas lights. The lights will stay on until April. Not from laziness, but because they give me pleasure in the evening.


6. Despite the wet and dark days the wildlife in the garden is active. Out my office window this morning I saw a Northern flicker, a bluejay, a nuthatch, sparrows and two squirrels playing tag in the silver maples.  They know spring is coming as does the sedum Autumn Joy. No lenten roses blooming yet, but I’ll keep checking.

autumn joy sedum

The days are getting longer, bit by bit, and the garden (and this gardener) is resting. Just for a little while, however, as the garden catalogues are arriving.

May 2019 bring you sunshine, rain and fertile soil…all in just the right amounts.

That’s my Six on Saturday, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. There’s always something interesting in the garden if you just stop to look. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Should We Buy a Boat? – December 29, 2018

    • No moles, just clumps of Stella d’Oro reblooming day lilies. I’m always amazed that they come back after sitting in water, although this year the “sitting in water” doesn’t take a break. We shall see what spring brings.

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    • These had rooted well and really needed to be in soil. I left it as long as I could. Now to see if they survive in the garage which stays cold but doesn’t freeze. I’ll put a little light on them.


  1. Oh wow, looking at that lake in the garden, you have had a lot of rain!

    I am intrigued by the lichen. I am told it is good but anything I’ve seen it grow on in my garden usually results in the tree’s demise so I’ve spent hours scraping it off.


  2. After our first storm, which was actually quite a while ago now, we had to go around and clear drains of debris; but while doing so, we needed to be careful of falling limbs. There were not many, and they were not big, but they fall from redwoods that are hundreds of feet tall. They can be very dangerous. Some pierced roofs. A few roofs get damaged annually. Redwoods do not get many lichens on them. Not much grows on redwood.

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    • I don’t see why not. You’ll just have to keep them inside until there’s no chance of frost. I just cut the tops off the coleus I rooted, dunked them in rooting compound and then stuck them in the same pot as the rooted ones. I’ll be interested to see what happens. They are in the cool garage so that may retard (or help) get them going.


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