“The Santa Diaries II” debuts in Faribault with humor & so much more

We were filled with gratitude that we were able to be in Faribault for the premier of A Christmas Wedding. The cast was stellar. They did us proud.

Minnesota Prairie Roots

From The Merlin Players Facebook page.

WHEN I ATTENDEDThe Merlin Players’performance of The Santa Diaries four years ago at the Paradise Center for the Arts, I laughed. And I cried. Playwrights and performers brought a moving message coupled with comedy to the stage.

And now they’ve done it again in A Christmas Wedding—The Santa Diaries II. I attended Saturday evening, a day after the play debuted. Writers Laura Ambler and Mala Burt flew in from Maryland to watch as a talented cast—many of whom performed in the first Santa Diaries—took the stage.

The play focuses on a Hollywood couple returning to their hometown for their desired small town Christmas wedding. Except others have other ideas, including making the wedding a reality TV event. So the story evolves with humor aplenty, conflict and discerning what’s most important in life. Choose fame and fortune? Or love, happiness…

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2 thoughts on ““The Santa Diaries II” debuts in Faribault with humor & so much more

  1. We were honored to have you and Laura in Faribault to debut your play. Thank you for your gift to our community. The humor and message in your script, interpreted by The Merlin Players, made this a memorable and outstanding performance.

    Thank you for sharing my review.


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