Six on Saturday – Color at Last – November 10, 2018

We’ve had rain off and on for the last couple of days which is bringing the leaves down. Dark, dreary days but no frost yet. Many leaves are brown and crisp but there are spots of color among the fallen. I think the show will be brief, but I am enjoying every saturated hue.

Here are my Six on Saturday.

  1. The crepe myrtles are beginning to turn.



2. The red twig dogwood “Arctic Fire” has finally combusted. Once the leaves fall the red stems will provide winter color until they are cut back in the spring.


3. Amsonia hubrecti (fernleaf) “Arkansas Bluestar”  has turned yellow.  I had another variety  which stayed green and kept its leaves through the winter. It was quite invasive so I dug them out. This clump has grown from a single plant given to me five years ago. I am saving seeds this year and will try to propogate more. I’ve seen it in other gardens where there are large swaths and it’s spectacular.

The small waterfall maple (Acer palmatum, commonly called Japanese Maple), to the right of the amsonia was bought as a rooted twig at the Philadelphia Flower Show at least twenty years ago. I brought it with us when we moved to this house twelve years ago. This photo reminds me I’ve got to get out and put the hose away before we get a hard freeze.


5. In the spring I planted cornflower (Centaurea scabiosa) seeds – “Perennial Butterfly.” The plants came up but the foliage didn’t stand upright, it just flopped in the raised bed. I almost pulled them out. No flowers until now — and just one! I’ll be interested to see what happens next summer. There are lots of plants with healthy looking leaves. I’ll divide them and put them in different areas to see how they do. If they flop again and don’t flower they’ll go into the compost bin.


6. I’ve brought my tender plants inside to a corner of the living room for winter color. The red geranium in the big pot was given to me ten years ago by a friend as a hostess gift. That friend has since moved away, but Betsy’s geranium is a long living reminder of our friendship. It goes out to the deck in the summer but really is happier inside. The big pots are on dollys and the other plants are on a repurposed kitchen island also on wheels.

There is an orchid on the top shelf that is alive and sending up a blooming stalk. It’s a miracle! I have killed every other orchid I’ve ever brought into the house. The clivia didn’t bloom last winter but I had repotted it so am hopeful for blooms this year.


That’s my six for this week, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. I learn something every week from the participating gardeners. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.




17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Color at Last – November 10, 2018

  1. Lovely colours. It’s nice how a plant can serve as a reminder of a friend or family member. My mum has a cotoneaster that her mum grew from seed and trained as a standard. Nan died over 20 years ago now but it’s still growing away.

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  2. Hello Mala. Interesting that you have the amsonia hubrichtii. I didnt know anything about this plant until i saw a huge swathe of them at a garden recently. It looked fantastic. I bought one! I shall be taking cuttings in there spring and I gather out comes true from seed too.

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  3. How excellent for the geranium. I got my oldest geranium in about 1980. I found it in a trash pile in my Pa’s neighborhood, and took two cuttings back with me on the train. I felt so sneaky about it. It is a common weedy variety, and is probably a straight species. I have taken pieces with me everywhere I lived since then, all through college and so on. I got my second orangish red geranium while growing citrus in the early 1990s. I found it growing wild in a nearby creek. It too goes everywhere with me, and is also likely a straight species.

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    • Well, I’m hoping the cornflower will get up to speed next summer. I think my camera does something to the reds but I have to admit that was a spectacular photo of the crepe myrtle foliage. I hope the red twig dogwood keeps spreading. That bed stays full of water and then turns to concrete in the summer and the dogwood doesn’t die. I don’t need any fiddly plants in that area.


  4. That crepe myrtle really does have some exciting colours in it. The bloom is nice, too, isn’t it? I think I remember yours from spring. An all year round kinda guy.

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