Write on Wednesday – How My Writing Time Gets Sucked Up – October10, 2018

Today was the one day this week I had blocked out to work on the revision of my novel. All day!  Other days had room for an hour here, an hour there. Today was all day with the exception of an hour to go to a WW meeting and the grocery store.

The writing Gods did not cooperate, but it’s my fault.

Santa Diaries Project screenshot

I knew I had a blog for The Santa Diaries. I just couldn’t find it. I hadn’t posted on it last year because there was no new production in 2017. Had it gotten archived or something? So I started a new blog using the same URL. And then pointed the URL to the new WordPress blog.  Big mistake. Now I had two blogs with the same URL and I only wanted the one pictured above. It has all the blog posts about previous productions of the play.

In the middle of last night I woke up and realized that I had a bunch of Rolodex cards clipped together for my WordPress accounts. And there was one for The Santa Diaries Project. Somehow this blog was opened with a different username and password than the account that holds my other blogs which was why I couldn’t find it.

I spent the morning on WordPress Chat with their Happiness Engineers. From around 9 a.m. to quarter to 11. First it took a long time for someone to respond to me. Then partway through the Chat I lost the page that had the Chat on it. That happened twice. At least the new helpers could read the thread, but they couldn’t find the original blog for The Santa Diaries Project. Could I send them a screenshot? Okay, I took a screenshot of the original blog but it wouldn’t load on the Chat function. I was instructed to turn it into a jpg. At that point it was time for me to leave the house for my WW meeting, so I told Denys, who was helping me, that I would try again later.

There is now a fork in the road. Continue to pursue fixing my WordPress mess or work on the novel revisions. Tomorrow and Friday are filled with away from the house appointments so nothing can happen with WordPress until next Monday.

I’m going to clip my WordPress Rolodex cards together and take the novel revision fork.



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