Six on Saturday – Waiting for the Florence – September 15, 2018

Wednesday, Sept 12: I’m starting to write this post earlier than usual because a major hurricane is coming our way and we may lose power by the weekend. As of this morning (Wednesday) the track has altered and now we are supposed to get less rain and wind. But the track may change yet again so we are prepared. We have a generator which my husband fires up weekly to make sure it will start. We have extra gas on hand. Flashlights are ready with fresh batteries. We bought bottled water and have lots of food. We won’t go hungry.

  1. Harvest: In preparation for the storm I harvested the spaghetti squash that I planted in July. I had eight full size squash and one immature. This was a fantastic harvest for me. Planting late seemed to be the solution to borer predation.

I also harvested Japanese eggplants. I can’t remember the specific variety. These were on two plants that came from Lowes. I plan to make parmesan oven fries from these. Yum!

I looked at the few beets remaining and decided they weren’t worth pulling. The beans are over the hill and will go on the compost. We are hunkered down and waiting.

One of my volunteer activites is to send out the weekly MailChimp reminder about our local Farmers Market. It goes out on Thursday morning to let folks know what the vendors will have on Saturday, if there will be music or a food demo and information about any pop-up vendors. In consultation with the Market Manager we decided a decision will be made late on Thursday about whether the market will be open or not. The Manager will then send out a notice to our email list. I have the format set up. Amanda will plug in the final information and hit “send.”

Living so close to the water we have to be aware of tides and the direction the wind pushes the water. We had over seven inches of rain last week and the Miles River is full to dock levels. Many waterfront properties are just a foot or two above sea level. Our little house is on a slight rise and we are 13′ above sea level. It would take a major flood to effect us. The thing I worry about is trees uprooting. The soil is already saturated and lots more rain and high winds could be problematic. I noticed yesterday that a neighbor had cut down a large pine that was listing.

Thursday, September 13: I took some photos before the rain starts. I expect the flowers will be down for the count by the end of the weekend.

2. Goldenrod (Solidago) is finally showing some color. It’s planted in front of miscanthus Morning Light.IMG_7312

3. I pulled out a lot of sedum “Autumn Joy” last year and planted it on my neighbor’s side of one of my lattice property dividers so they’d have this view from their porch.  On the mid-right you can see the pile of sticks that I’m collecting. After the storm there will be lots more.IMG_7297

4. Another sedum with a hot pink bloom is just beginning to flower. I think it is called Neon Pink.

5. Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana). A friend gave me a start and it has survived/thrived in the difficult bed near the shed. I notice that the blooming clump of variagated liriope is also doing well. I have it a number of places in the garden. Perhaps I should divide some and use it to edge that problem area which is often under water.


6.  More sedum “Autumn Joy” and hostas between two silver maples. The bench is teak and came from my mother’s garden. My brothers and I gave it to her for her 75th birthday. In my 75th year I enjoy sitting on it and watching kids ride their bikes through my neighborhood. I had the bench pressure washed a couple of years ago and it was like new (except where the squirrels chewed on the armrests) but I rather like the lichens that grew back. Leaves are beginning to fall.


Friday, September 14: Storm update: It appears now that Florence’s impact on our area will be rain next Monday and Tuesday. It doesn’t sound ominous for us, but I am thinking about all the millions of people in the way of this storm. In hurricanes water is always the biggest threat to life.

The Saturday Farmers Market is on so I’ll be able to get fresh mushrooms, a loaf of crusty sourdough bread and some organic pork chops for the weekend. I’ve got homemade tomato sauce in the fridge to spoon on top of spaghetti squash. I’ll sprinkle Pecorino Romano cheese on top and run it under the broiler for a minute or two. We’ll eat like we are in Italy…or maybe France. I’m trying to decide which bottle of wine to open. I love thinking about food. Almost as much as I love being in the garden.

That’s my six for this week, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.




18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – Waiting for the Florence – September 15, 2018

  1. Hope the storm skirts around you – or, just as important, doesn’t affect anyone too badly. The warnings have been reported in this country showing hundreds of thousands of people being advised to leave their homes. The bench is lovely. Our bench always generates memories of Great Grandpa, but we are a little limited as to where we can put it because it falls over if it isn’t placed against a wall?!

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    • Lots of people without power and the storm surges haven’t hit yet. I heard someone call this a 1000 year rain event. Thankfully we are on the very edge and shouldn’t have much to worry about. I feel so badly for people in the path of this storm.


  2. Florence has already damaged some States but further south and I hope you won’t have too much rain. The wind should be reduced Monday or Tuesday. Good luck and you were right to harvest vegetables and take pictures before.

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    • I cut the squash and then it began oozing liquid from the stem. I’m keeping an eye on them and hope I didn’t mess up my harvest by not leaving them on the vines. I pulled those up this morning and they were totally dead from borers and squash bugs. Always learning. It has been a strange gardening year.

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  3. Does your comment to Fred mean you didn’t get to eat your Italian/French squash dish? How terrible, if that’s true. Your parmesan fries sound wonderful – I immediately looked up recipes & am thinking next year’s garden. What texture does the inside of Japanese eggplant have – like an oval one does? I’m glad the storm’s only soaking you, altho that’ll be bad enough as it is.


    • I have cooked one of the spaghetti squash. The immature one was thrown out because it was getting soft. The others still look okay but I don’t understand why the stems are oozing. It’s not happening on all and I think a couple that oozed have stopped so I will see when I open them up. Fingers crossed. The Japanese eggplants have the same texture but I didn’t peel them for the fries. You could do the same thing with the oval ones but I would peel those.

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      • That is funny. When I first me obedient plant in about 1986, I only knew the white. We saw only one colony of pink and another of rose later. They were in a garden of an old home in town. Neither pink nor rose were available in nurseries. I have not seen any of them since about 1990.


    • Possible rain on Monday and Tuesday but it looks like we escaped Florence. This storm is slow moving so the Carolinas are getting drenched with 30-40 inches of rain —- so far. Storm surge to come.


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