Six on Saturday – September 1, 2018 – Dominoes

I’m in a hurry this morning. And all because I want to put a small freezer in our garage. That required getting some electrical work done. And the freezer would displace one of two tall filing cabinets. I could use that second one in my office, I thought. To ready the garage for the work, things had to be moved away from the wall. Everything is now piled in the middle of the garage but the electrical work has been completed. Finding a small freezer is not so easy.

And in order to put the filing cabinet into my office I needed to reconfigure the furniture. That involved moving a ceiling height bookcase full of ten years worth of stuff that needs to be sorted and pitched. And what was on top and underneath of another table. All of that is now in my dining room. I discovered that the place I wanted to put the bookcase is where an old HVAC outlet is. It’s ancient and stuck out from the wall so I removed it and placed a cover on the floor. Not as easy as that sounds, but it is ready for a piece of baseboard. All this had to be done before I could think about moving the bookcase — just to see if I liked it in the new position. That will happen this morning. Hence the hurry with my Six on Saturday.

  1. Last fall I left Elephant ear tubers in the ground near the garage to see if they would survive the winter temperatures. They were very slow to come up in the spring, but look at the size. I will no longer spend time digging and story the tubers. These are the leaves I made my cement leaf castings from last year.


2. The wheelbarrow is planted with mint so it won’t escape. I put one coleus plant in the front and some leftover sunpatiens in a pot next to it. Added some drip irrigation. Now I can hardly find the mint. I really do love chartreuse in my garden. The nesting box in the upper left corner hosted two hatchings of Carolina wrens this summer.


3. This photo is just because it was so pretty this morning. We got some much needed rain last night.


4. Two window boxes from the front of the house. I thought I had killed one of the plants by putting soapy water on it. Then I read a post by Tony Tomeo (one of the SoSers) who showed a plant with a mildew problem. He said it spread quickly. It looked very similar to the leaves on my Sunpatiens, so I took out two of the boxes that looked like they had been effected and cut the stems back. They are coming back and in a week will go back where they were. We still have two months of warmish weather so they’ll fill in. Thanks, Tony!


5. The dry spell has done in at least five of my azaleas. The drip irrigation just wasn’t enough. I like the white repleat bloomer which seems to have survived just fine so will try to find more of those. The plants that look dead may come back from the roots but I don’t want to wait that long.


6. I could only find three chrysalis that the black swallowtail caterpillars made. I guess the birds ate the rest. I must have had at least thirty caterpillars. Will this be a butterfly this fall or not until next year? If next year, should I try and put them in a more protected place?


That’s my six for this week, a meme started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.

Now back to sorting out my garage and office. The garden will have to wait.

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – September 1, 2018 – Dominoes

    • IWe just moved the bookcase and I think I hate it. If everything ends up back where it was before at least I will have purged the shelves and cleaned behind it all. The garage door is closed for the moment.


  1. I feel exhausted just reading about the freezer/bookcase plans. In your lovely 3rd SoS what’s the variegated plant with the purple flowers in the foreground?


    • The variegated plant is a liriope. It does well and can be easily divided.
      We moved the bookcase. I didn’t like it where I thought it would go, so thought about multiple options and moved it again. My husband is a very patient man.

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  2. Oh, I am sorry to read about the impatiens #4. It seems late in the season for them to recover, but I do not know what your climate is like. (We can grow them as perennials here if they are sheltered, or moved to shelter.)
    I found one of those chrysalis on a coffeeberry that I needed to remove. I did not know what it was. It looked just like this one, with those two bungee cables holding it onto the stem. It was sent to an Outdoor Science class where young school children can watch as the butterfly emerges. I hope that it is okay. It might have gotten too hot as the dying coffeeberry defoliated.


    • I know it’s late for the impatiens to recover but it will look better to have the boxes back. I’m thinking that next spring I should remove all the old potting soil and put in fresh. I usually add half new, but I don’t want more mildew problems.
      I like the idea of finding a teacher who would take the chrysalis for a classroom. I have no idea if they become butterflies this fall — it seems to be late for that — or next spring. Thanks.

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  3. Your elephant ear plant is very beautiful! I would like to have one in the ground like you but I think the climate doesn’t match…My Alocasia is overwintering in pot but the leaves aren’t as big as yours. Good luck with your freezer and bookcase projects

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    • The bookcase didn’t end up where I thought it would, but it is now settled and I can begin sorting through the huge pile of stuff on my dining room table. We have a houseguest coming next weekend so I have a deadline.

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    • Re: the elephant ears. The tubers left in the ground were by the house so I thought perhaps they might winter over. Others I took out and put in various spots in the garden. Those will stay in the ground this winter and we’ll see if they survive. I won’t be devastated if they don’t.

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