Six on Saturday – June 23, 2018

  1. I begin with one of my concrete leaf castings in an elevated box hanging on a fence. I like the color with the nasturtium blooms and the soft yellows on the weathered fence. I planted seeds of ‘Peach Melba’ in the box in the early spring. I suspect bought this variety because of the name. I never pass on dessert.


2.  Verbena Boniarensis is the tall purple flower. I started out five years ago with one plant leftover from the Woman’s Club annual plant sale. Now it is seeding all over the garden, living up to its reputation as invasive. The blooming lily is one someone gave me.  Only two blooming stalks survived the rabbits this spring. The small pops of red are Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria).


3. The day lilies are starting to bloom. I love the green throat on this one. Garden porn.


4. Another day lily that appears darker in reality. It’s prettier in the photo than in real life. I like the lighter colored lilies so a large patch of this may be relegated to the compost.


5. This clematis (on a trellis that obviously did not get scrubbed with bleach this spring) is Arabella. It bloomed all last summer and twined into the Limelight hydrangea on the other side of the lattice. A very happy combination. I just found the plastic tag that came with this clematis and its claim that it blooms June through September were accurate.


6. While cleaning the garage this spring I found some white sweet potatoes that I bought last fall. We didn’t like them so much so there were still quite a few in the cardboard box. I threw them in the compost but they seem determined to survive, and are no doubt growing white sweet potatoes in the compost bin. I may leave them to freeze over the winter. We much prefer the orange variety. Observe the very healthy maple seedlings at the bottom of the photo. I took the photo and them pulled them out.


That’s my Six on Saturday for this week. The meme was started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – June 23, 2018

    • Ali, I don’t know the name. As I commented to Fred most of my plants are things people give me.The only day lilies Iactually purchased are the reblooming Stella D’Oros. Others are named things like peach, lemon yellow, and remember to pull these out.


    • Well…at this point they are in the bed that is underwater in the spring and then turns to concrete in the summer and they survive and bloom. So they’ll stay until I can figure out what will survive in that area of my garden. If you were close, however, I would certainly share.


      • I guess if they survive, you can’t really look a gift horse in the mouth. It might be a genetic abnormality and if you planted the same ones again they would die instead.


    • Same thing happened with Creeping Jenny that came in a pot of flowers I won at a raffle. I loved the chartreuse pop in the spring. It was well behaved for a number of years but last year it just took off. I am now pulling it out by the handsful but it leaves bits of the roots in the soil. In some areas I think I will have to resort to Round-up.


  1. I don’t know whether my Verbena bonariensis is just a poor form but it seems to have very small flower heads on a lot of stalky plant. I’m still getting seedlings several years since it last flowered. Arabella goes into the garden notebook for sure, very nice, especially the June-September bit.


  2. Ah, verbena bananarama! You say invasive, I say happy! I can’t grow that damn plant for love nor money. It doesnt seem to self seed, cuttings failed, and to add injury to insult i caught my one decent stem with the edge trimmer the other day. Sigh…


    • As I replied to carrotsandcalendula it took six years for it to become invasive. It’s an interesting plant, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it wasn’t in my garden.


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