Six on Saturday: too much to do

We’ve had five days with no rain. A record for this very wet spring. We may be able to mow the grass seeded section in the back yard that has been a soggy mess since we put 2 cubic yards of top soil on that area and seeded it. It now looks like a maple tree reforestation project. If we can’t mow it soon, we’ll need a bush hog.

The drip irrigation system hasn’t been turned on or tested. I planted window boxes for the front of the house, but they have to be installed (which involves the irrigation system). Bean seeds are germinating on my kitchen counter and need to be planted in my community garden bed. I haven’t been over there in a week so it surely needs weeding. Last time I looked the tomatoes were blooming. The home garden beds desperately need attention. Mulch needs to be ordered and spread. Two writing projects are languishing on my desk as other, more pressing, garden tasks go to the top of the “to do” list.

It’s June, I remind myself. It’s always like this. I wish there was time to sit in this part of my garden and take a breath. Oh, and out of town family is coming to visit this weekend. That will make me stop for a little while.


2. The peony root that I planted last fall has made an appearance. Tiny, but there. I had given up.


3. A bed in the front of the house is always full of self-seeding cleomes. But in the spring the beds look like this. The volunteer maple trees and rudbeckia have to come out. This area has to be hand-weeded and when the cleome seedlings are a little larger, they will be thinned. That bed will be glorious by mid-summer and full of humming birds and butterflies.


4. I finished painting the cement leaf castings I made last fall. The issue now is where to place them in the garden. The big ones are elephant ear leaves and the smaller ones are hostas. Last fall I had thirteen different “workshops” where I taught friends how to make leaf castings on a table set up in my driveway. My friend, Gail, made the largest one. It was 40″ long. The leaf casting workshop is closed this year.

IMG_6299    IMG_4045

5.  My Francis Williams hosta is blooming. I think it’s early.


6. This is a very confused azalea. All those different colored flowers on the same plant. The rosy ones at the top look like the Macrantha Rose that is next to it (with a gazillion cleome seedlings that need to be pulled surrounding it. I quite like the pink and white flowers. I’ll try and peg a branch down and root it.


That’s my Six on Saturday for this week. The meme was started by The Propogator, a UK gardener. This is the link to the rules if you’d like to join in.


21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: too much to do

  1. Those castings are beautiful! I am not a fan of ornaments in my garden but I would like one of those – it is a shame you are so far away! I hope your weather is warm enough to be able to sit in that shaded area – very peaceful looking.


  2. I have an Azalea with multiple personality disorder too. Only the different colours bloom at different times. Is someone out there secretly grafting azaleas?
    June is the same for me, so much to do, so little time.


    • I think some azaleas are prone to mutate. My mother used to air layer a branch like that for a new plant. As a former clinical social worker I shall now refer to this azalea as having a multiple personality disorder!


      • Satsuki azaleas are so genetically unstable that they bloom with flowers of different colors. Most are only slightly different, such as a pink and white flowers mixed with floweers that are solid pink and solid white. However, they can be different shades of pink, such as pink mixed with salmon pink and rose pink. Bonsai artists really like them.

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  3. We all like the leaf castings! What a great idea. And the seating area in your garden must be such a restful place to be on a hot summer’s day.


    • It is always shady and a nice place to sit and rest after working. I spent some time yesterday moving around the leaf castings but still not sure where they will live permanently.


  4. I had to Google how to make leaf castings straight away! Fascinating, I’d like to have a go at some point. Your seating area looks very relaxing, I hope you get to spend some time there admiring your lovely garden.


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