Six on Saturday – April 28, 2018

Here are my Six on Saturday…mostly photos of things in my garden, but sometimes beyond.

  1.  A neighbor’s tree is full of red maple fliers. It is a different kind of maple than my silver maple as the fliers on my trees are green.


2. Tulips are blooming all around my yard. The Angelique peony tulips are now fully open.


3. The front lawn has been seeded. We dethatched, added two yards of top soil,  scattered grass seed and raked it in, then straw was strewn on top. We had rain a couple of days later so I’m hoping the effort will be successful.


4. “Lipstick” peppers. The seed package tells me they are Capsicum annuum. Really? Doesn’t that mean annual pepper? These are “a delicious pepper with 4″ long tapered, pimiento type fruit, that are super sweet. This fine pepper is early and ripens well in the north. A flavorful favorite with thick, red flesh.” I don’t like spicy peppers so these seemed worth a try. And the picture on the package was pretty.

IMG_5889   IMG_5932

I first started these pepper seeds in the bio dome in plugs. The pathetic seedling in the front (on the left) was planted on February 13th. It never really developed, but it just didn’t quite die either. So I put some seed starting soil in a rinsed out plastic tofu container and planted six seeds six weeks ago. No heat mat, but under lights. Quick germination and after four weeks I transplanted them into the larger containers on the right. They will go in the garden as soon as the temps are reliable. For now they are in the garage and moved in and out during the day depending on the weather.

5. The raised beds coming together. All have been dug and a support for sugar snap peas added (on the right). Pea seeds were planted six days ago and when I checked late yesterday afternoon, I could see germination. That support is made from 1/2″ metal electrical conduit slipped over rebar stakes. The corners are metal “inside corner” elbows for 1/2″ metal conduit. All those things are available at your local hardware store. The netting is something I had. This trellis outfit had been in another bed for several years and I had a terrible time getting it off the rebar. Lesson learned. Move it every year or at least pull the conduit off the rebar so it doesn’t adhere.

The metal support on the left is one that I got from a friend. It doesn’t seem very stable in the ground. Perhaps I will take down the soft netting for the peas and wire this metal trellis onto the metal frame which isn’t going anywhere.


6. And, finally, the lilac is blooming. This shrub is one that came with the house. Two years ago I removed the dead wood and cut it back. It has begun colonizing with lots of new growth from the ground around the original plant. It is beautiful and fragrant. The variety is Dunno Natacluevia. It’s lovely after the rain, and I just noticed the spider in the upper left corner. I had my macro lens with me, but didn’t see it until just now. Missed photo op, Fred.


That’s my SoS for this week. The Six on Saturday meme was started by The Propogator. If you’re interested, this is the link with the rules. 

22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – April 28, 2018

  1. Capscium annum is for all sweet peppers (bell peppers) and chillies (like jalapenos) that are not frost tolerant – so outside they would only last a year but kept a warmer temperatures they can grow into a perennial bush. I bought lipstick peppers from Rare Seeds this year so I will be interested to see how they turn out when I pick up the seeds from America. I love your peony tulips they are a very pretty pink.

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    • Thanks for the clarification. In my next life I’ll know the proper names for things.
      I’ll let you know how the Lipsticks do. Still a little too early to put them in the raised beds.


  2. I like your raised beds. Are they simply “borders” on the ground or do they have a base? I have had so little success with my seeds due to the Mare’s tail taking over, I was thinking of putting a permeable sheet under the borders and then putting the borders around. However, that is a job for next year……I am thinking ahead!


    • The raised beds are on the ground. I get wood chips from our local tree trimming outfit for the paths. The main problem is that there are trees nearby and the roots love the loose soil. I have to dig the beds every year. Good exercise, I tell myself. I’m 75 in May and at somepoint will buy my veggies at the Farmer’s Market. But as long as I can do, I will.


  3. I think it’s tulip week ‘Angelique’! … Too bad I don’t have this one ..
    I planted my sweet peas in the ground today. They were sown 2 weeks ago in my greenhouse and now outside with a metal support like you. I hope it’ll be ok.(PS: even if you missed the spider and the macro lens, the lilac picture is already very beautiful!)

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    • Yes. Otherwise the grackles will eat the seed. This was regular straw but I later noticed at one of the garden supply stores a bale of straw that was more finely cut and had something added that made it slightly stick together. Might be a better choice.

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