Write on Wednesday – How My Blog Began

This was my first blog post from April 25, 2012. Hard to believe I have been posting for six years. I’ve gotten more focused recently with a gardening focused post on Saturday and a writing post on Wednesday. Next up — Food on Friday. That may or may not happen. This is the season when writing and gardening vie for attention.

Laura Ambler & Mala Burt 9-19-12

April 25, 2012

Laura Ambler, my writing partner, and I were sitting in a Blogging workshop given by Mindie Burgoyne. Mindie said setting up a blog was super easy. Laura leaned over and whispered, “We should start a blog about our writing insecurities.”

“Oh, you mean like how I see life through a distorted body image lens?” I whispered back. (I used to be a clinical social worker so sometimes I talk like that.)

“You’re just neurotic about your body,” Laura said. “It has nothing to do with your writing.”

“It has everything to do with my writing. What if we sell one of our scripts and it gets made into a movie and we have to attend the Hollywood premier? I’d have to lose forty pounds before I could even look for a gown, ” I said.

“You’re just nuts,” Laura said. “But I bet there are other writers out there who are just as insecure as we are. Let’s start a blog called Does This Font Make Me Look Fat? It would be hilarious!”

Actually creating the blog has not been so hilarious. Mindie lied about the easy part. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to change the tag line. I’m still looking for a new headline font. Something puffy and fat. This font is way too skinny.

So, let’s hear from the neurotic, but talented writing community. Your fears, foibles and how you deal.

7 thoughts on “Write on Wednesday – How My Blog Began

  1. Haha, I’ve never even thought about the tv camera dilemma! My biggest fear is that I post articles that no one really wants to read! If they want to put me on TV, I guess I’ll learn to suck it in.


  2. My fear is that I’ll be found out. With no college degree I feel like people will think, how can she write? She doesn’t have any credentials. 😀


    • I have a BS and an MSW, but I never took a creative writing course. I have credentials but not for writing. You don’t have to have a degree to be a good writer. You just have to write. Find a supportive critique group. I’ve been in one for ten years and it has improved my writing tremendously.

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  3. I attended a playwrighters conference in Los Angeles last summer. I was exchanging cards with the woman sitting next to me who looked at my card and exclaimed, “I read your blog.” Honestly, I didn’t think anybody did. What were the odds? It still makes me smile when I think about it.


  4. Mala, you do not look as though you have any weight to lose, let alone forty pounds (whatever that is: we do stones and ounces or kilograms). I would not have attempted to start a blog if I had not a) built up my confidence with technology through my current job and b) built up my confidence with writing a book. I find blogging less scary than writing books because you can correct your mistakes if you need to, whereas it is out there in print forever. I was scared of negative comments, or trolling, but so far…

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    • Ali, putting ourselves or our writing out there in any way is scary because our inner critics start critiquing. And for me the negative comments seem to stick with me more than the positive ones. My critique group has helped with that as their comments about improving a piece of writing usually contain suggestions which are helpful. The weight business is just plain neurotic.

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