Six on Saturday – March 24, 2018

Six on Saturday are blogs about what’s going on in my garden. The idea came from a blog called The Propagator written by a guy in the UK. He invited people to snap 6 garden photos and post them on Saturday. If you want to jump in, he has guidelines on his blog.

This was the garden on Wednesday this week. We had about five inches of snow. I am hopeful the daffodils will be upright again in a few days.


Before we had the snow, we had more rain so the Burt lake is back. Under the blue tarp is a Jan Kirsch avocado (wrapped for the winter) surrounded by red twig dogwoods. I didn’t get those cut back last week. When I can get into the lake to work, I’ll cut them back and root stems in a bucket of water. I’ll post a photo of the avocado (unwrapped)  later in the spring.


I’m reminding myself with a photo (from another angle) of what the yard will look like in a couple of months. This photo really makes me happy.  Last fall I diddled alot with that bed on the right. Took out tons of day lilies which I have to do every few years, so it  will be sparse this year. You can see what’s left above in the lake photo. I’m convinced you can’t kill Stella d’Oro day lilies.


Last fall I made more hypertufa planters. They have been weathering outside over the winter. I will plant them with succulents. One planter I made several years ago is chock full of hens and chicks ready to be divided. On line I found hens and chicks in lots of other colors.


Inside, under the grow lights, five types of tomatoes have been put in larger pots. Sungolds are cherry tomatoes, Shah is a white tomato whose seeds came in a free packet, Beefsteak is for the fellow who gave me all the fabulous garden gear last fall, Amish paste for canning my tomato sauce and Black Vernisage. I can’t remember if I ordered that last one or it was a freebe. I’ll have tomato plants to give away. I only need ten.


My efforts with the biosphere method of planting didn’t fare well. I went back to soil blocking for the ones shown above. In two weeks they were ready to go into bigger pots. The tomatoes I’d planted using the biosphere hadn’t gotten that big in six weeks. When I pulled the plugs out they didn’t have roots to the bottom (unlike the soil blocks). I cut off the bottom of the plugs and transplanted them into pots. They are already looking happier.

That’s my six for the week. Spring has arrived!

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – March 24, 2018

  1. I love day lillies for their generosity in never dying and giving lots of free plants! It is important to have an image in your head of your garden at its height, isn’t it?


  2. My writing partner, Laura Ambler, has gotten most of the free day lilies. She has a large property and a guy who plants them for her. She may not want anymore. I’ve sent masses of roots her way.


    • I will try to do a blog about the biosphere method. I did take photos along the way. Thanks for the suggestion.
      It just seemed so much easier than the soil blocking mess on my small kitchen counter (too cold to comfortably work in the garage) but disappointing results.

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  3. You should make plenty of friends, giving away all those luscious tomato plants. Look forward to hearing how the white tomato turns out.


  4. Are those red twig dogwoods in the middle of the lake, behind the blue tarp? I just spent three weeks cutting back thickets of the native red twig dogwood. It is not as colorful as garden varieties are.


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