Six on Saturday – March 17, 2018

1. I took this photo in the parking lot of the Harris Teeter grocery store where I was shopping for the weekend. It was really windy, but a woman from my yoga class pulled up and held the branch for me. Her gloves, which matched the unfurled buds, were a serendipitous addition to the photo.


2. In the back of our property are Asian bush honeysuckle shrubs. As you can see they grow quite tall. These have been here for a very long time. They are considered invasive but they leaf out in the summer and provide privacy for our yard from the houses behind. We cut them back eight years ago and it was time to do it again. This time I hired someone to cut and haul the debris. The hedge will look a skimpy this summer, but will be feet taller by August. The yard was still soggy from all the rain, but the guy who helps me in the garden had some time today. As I was helping him I realized it was a good thing we were doing this now before everything leafs out and would be damaged by pulling branches through the beds.


It was a huge job. Below is the after. We trimmed all the bushes along the back of the property line. Three truckloads of debris were hauled away. I am glad to have this job done. It’s been on my list for the last couple of years.


3. My Jackmani clematis is beginning to leaf out. My father planted the original plant at our new build house in Bethesda, Maryland. When I married in 1963 I took a piece with me. This is the third house where it has thrived.  The purple flowers are reliable and always remind me of my dad. I need to cut it back soon.


4. Last fall I succumbed to an ad that appeared on my computer. These are hollyhocks, a special pale yellow variety. After I planted them I put wire around them as the rabbits seem to like hollyhocks. I will be interested to see if these get the disfiguring leaf rust that hollyhocks I planted several years ago got. I pulled those out. The lattice in the photo pulled away from the frame last night and was on the ground when I went out this morning. A job for the husband tomorrow.



5. We have rabbits. I think they live and reproduce under our shed. They eat alot of things to the ground. We also have a bb gun but I am a very bad shot and because we live in a neighborhood I have to be very, very careful. Occasionally we also have deer and they love tulip blooms. In an effort to have tulips and all those alliums that I planted flower, I am now spraying with Deer Away. It says it works for rabbits and squirrels. However, it has not deterred the squirrels from digging in the pots where I planted tulips last year. I had ordered 100 bulbs in a moment of gardener lunacy and then had to find places to plant them.

The bottle says it works for 90 days, but the small print says it has to be reapplied after it rains.


6. Last fall I dug up a shoot of a camellia that was growing at the Woman’s Club I belong to. Since I and another woman care for the grounds, I didn’t ask permission. I potted the root and set it outside near the house for the winter. The leaves eventually fell off and the bark on the main stem peeled away. I figured it was toast. When I looked at it last week there were two leaf buds on a separate shoot. I am hopeful.


Hope is a gardener’s best friend.


8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – March 17, 2018

  1. I love that – ‘hope is a gardener’s best friend’! Indeed it is. I just live with hollyhock rust now. I plant oriental poppies around them: I cut back the poppy foliage after flowering in June, then it re-sprouts just as the hollyhock foliage needs hiding.

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    • I love my hollyhocks & have tried every method mentioned to prevent/control/rid/foreswear rust. Nothing really works well. I like the hide it behind poppies solution. Will try that this year.

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  2. That’s quite a haircut on those honeysuckle trees! I bet they respond fine. Don’t talk to me about bulb planting. I put over 650 in pots and in the ground last autumn. At least I don’t have to worry about deer or rabbits. Squirrels yes but planting deep seems to put them off.


    • I think you can’t kill those honeysuckles. They obviously have been here for 50 years or more. I can’t imagine trying to dig them out. Pruning them was a big job. Some people here put wire mesh cages around their bulbs to outwit the squirrels. I am just too lazy to do that. Getting them in the ground or in pots was hard enough.
      Next week I will try and remember to put a link to you in my post.


  3. I found that Hollyhocks are good for year one and two, but then succumb to rust in year three. So I get seed in year two, pull them out and start again.This probably won’t hold if you already have a lot of rust spores in your patch, but is something to bear in mind if you like to grow from seed.


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