Write on Wednesday

I’m going to do a short post each Wednesday with a writing tip or link to a writing subject I’ve found helpful. I’m inviting all writers to join me on Wednesdays with a post or link in the comment section of my blog.


Last Saturday was the 21st annual Bay to Ocean Writers Conference. The first one in ten years in which I was not involved in the planning. I am thrilled to say it the new coordinators planned a terrific conference. In the past I was too whacked by conference day to attend anything. This year I actually attended sessions.

My Write on Wednesday tip is from a session led by Robert Bidinotto titled “Target Your Readers for Maximize Sales.”  Those of us who publish would really like to sell our books, but it’s the part that most of us hate, drag our heels or (like me) just ignore. Bidinotto had lots of good things to say, but the thing that made my head explode was about finding your niche of core readers by letting them know WHY you write what you write. It’s the WHY that will sell books.

He gave us a link to a Ted talk by Simon Sinek which talks about why people buy things. Sinek used examples of computers and cars, but it all applies to books. Here is the link if the video doesn’t show up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA


Bidinotto invited us to think about the category we write and why we write that. Usually it’s because it’s what we believe. That knowledge should inform your marketing. The look of your book covers, the tag lines, your author website and bio. Market to the WHY not the WHAT.

I have a lot of work to do.



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