Maytag’s Run-around about My New Defective Refrigerator

Maytag knows they have a defective product and sell it anyway. Apparently there is a widespread problem with the foam insulation that oozes under the gaskests resulting in the doors not closing properly. Result in the freezer is snow all over everything and water on the floor.

Ten years ago, when we moved to St. Michaels, we bought all new appliances from Higgins and Spencer in St. Michaels. Competitive prices and other people told me they offered the best service.

Ten years later (almost to the day), our Maytag French door refrigerator died. We called Higgins and Spencer on a Saturday afternoon and within two hours had a loaner fridge/freezer so we didn’t lose our food. Talk about fantastic service.

We ordered a new Maytag French Door refrigerator and it took weeks to get it. Apparently it had to be special ordered because I wanted white and didn’t want ice and water in the door.

The fridge finally came and was installed. We were told to expect a life of 8-10 years on this expensive appliance. Planned obsolescence the service guy said. After all, those guys buy appliances, too, so they know. The refrigerator wasn’t as nice as the previous one. Cheap handles. Wire baskets in the freezer instead of the heavy plastic bins in the old fridge. It’s just kinda cheesy all around. That’s what you get for $1400.

Within a few days I noticed some water at base of the fridge. Higgins and Spencer came right away. The insulation in the bottom freezer door had oozed out of the gasket which now didn’t close properly and warm air was getting into the freezer. That had happened at the factory. They would have to order a replacement freezer door.

It’s now been almost six weeks that we’ve been waiting for the replacement door. I called Higgins and Spencer this morning. The replacement door has been ordered and it MAY be here in a couple of weeks. My guy at Higgins and Spencer was clearly frustrated. He told me he’d told Maytag that he would just get me a new fridge, but was told it would take longer to get a replacement fridge than waiting for the replacement door. He also told me that apparently this is a widespread problem and Maytag knows about it. Wouldn’t you think they would do a quality check on these freezer doors before installing them?

So I called the Maytag Customer Service line. Here’s what I learned.

  1. The registration for the appliance that I had done on line doesn’t show up on Maytag Customer Service records. That only happens if you call them on the phone.
  2. Maytag  Customer Service told me the appliances they had a record of me purchasing. They track customers by their phone numbers. Must have been the person who had our phone number before because the appliances they said we had didn’t correspond to what we bought 10 years ago. That was when I found out the warranty I’d filled out on line wasn’t in their system.
  3. When you buy a Maytag appliance from a retailer (is there any other way to buy one?) Maytag says the retailer is responsible for any problems.
  4. Maytag offered to send out a repair person to analyze the problem. A week from now. Good thing I didn’t have a dead fridge full of perishable food. I said we already knew what the problem was and a new door had been ordered. I was told I should have called Maytag and now that I had called someone else, they couldn’t do anything. Oh, didn’t they just tell me the retailer was responsible.
  5. I wanted to know why getting the new freezer door was taking so long. The answer was that the doors are custom made. Really! These refrigerators come off an assembly line. They have to have a supply of doors. Of course, if this is a widespread problem I wonder if a replacement door will be better than the original. I may just have to live with snow on my frozen food and a towel under the freezer door.
  6. Finally I was offered a two year free warranty. Good only if I used a person the Maytag Customer Service people sent. I couldn’t use my Higgins and Spencer guys. When I asked where this repair person would come from, they had no answer except to say they had people all over the United States. We live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Nobody from Salisbury or Annapolis is going to bring me a loaner fridge on a Saturday or Sunday. For that matter, Sears or Lowes in Easton isn’t going to either. And if my fridge or freezer quits I can’t wait a week or more for somebody to come and analyze the problem.

My Higgins and Spencer guy gives out his cellphone number to customers so if you have a fridge or freezer emergency you can call him. Anytime!

I told them the free warranty didn’t do me any good. Give me some money back. Okay, that was a long shot, but worth a try. They didn’t bite. Maytag doesn’t care. I bought my fridge from a retailer. They are no longer responsible for any problems.

A frustrating hour of my life. But I’ll FB, Twitter and blog about Maytag. They know they have a defective product and sell it anyway. #defectivemaytag

Now I’ll go sit on my meditation cushion, take calming breaths and try to get my blood pressure back to normal. I’m reminding myself I have electricity unlike so many American citizens in Puerto Rico a month after the hurricane hit.

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