Equifax Data Breach Time Sink

I’m watching the news on TV while I eat my breakfast. There’s a piece about what you should do to find out if you might be compromised by this data breach. Go to Equifax.com and check, the anchor tells me. Then you really should freeze your credit on Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

I was convinced…and the travail began. First it wasn’t so easy to find out where on the Equifax website to check to see if your security has been compromised. Mine wasn’t; my husbands was. We talked and decided to freeze security on all three sites. That’s six freezes since I have to do one for me and one for my husband at three different sites. My husband has hearing problems and that meant I needed to do all six.

I started with Experian. I called the number provide which led me to an automated system. After putting in all my husband’s information (this took probably 8 minutes) I got a message that it couldn’t be done and I’d have to mail in the information. Of course I couldn’t write it all down fast enough. Then I tried to enter my information on Experian. Same final words – you don’t qualify. Send us the info. I went to the Experian website thinking that would be faster. It wasn’t and I ended up with the same instructions – mail us the information. Certified mail preferred.

On TransUnion I would have to open an account to be able to freeze security checks. I didn’t want to sign on for 19.95 a month to be able to freeze security checks so I bailed.

After spending a couple of frustrating hours on websites, it boiled down to I’d have to send in information, preferably by certified mail. Since almost half the population of the United States has been affected by this data breach, I can’t even imagine the amount of mail that would entail. That’s if people didn’t just get frustrated and forget it.

Oh, and Equifax executives knew about this in July and then sold their Equifax stock. Can you say “insider trading.” How much you want to bet they get no fines, no jail time. They should be subject to the same treatment as Martha Stewart.

That’s my rant for the day. I’d really planned to spend the morning working on my manuscript. I need to sit cross-legged on my meditation cushion.

2 thoughts on “Equifax Data Breach Time Sink

  1. They are all over whelmed with people trying to get credit freezes. About three years ago we were in Texas and we had two credit cards go down on the same day. Nothing we had done and no one we had business with was the reason. It was companies that the credit card companies dealt with. The credit card companies were great sent us new cards overnight when they found out we were out of town and this was how we were living.

    Point of the story is I got thinking about all this crap. I already had the problem with Target, Biue Cross BlueShield. So I got credit freezes for both of us and it only took about a half hour for both of us. Each state has different laws as to what they can charge and MD is $5.00 per freeze. Some companies charged it some didn’t. If you can prove that you have been a victim of identity theft there is no charge. I would try very early in the morning when they would least likely to be busy.


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