Someone Actually Reads My Blog

Laura and I were in Los Angeles last weekend for a two day Dramatist Guild conference. We were the only east coast people of the 50 participants. The first morning I am sitting next to a woman from CA, chatting, exchanging business cards (which I actually remembered to bring). The usual drill. She looks at my card, then at me and says, “I read your blog.”

I couldn’t believe it. I know that friends and family and some others read my blog but what are the odds that I would be in CA, at a conference and sit next to someone who actually reads my blog. What a high!

So a shoutout to Bradetta (named for her father Brad) whose contact info I now cannot find. If you read this, send me your email. And thank you for following my blog!

I’ll write another post about the conference, the cool hotel we stayed in and the meetings we took. I may not have said that right. You probably have to live in LA to take a meeting.

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