Away to the Mountains

Last week my husband and I traveled to Kalispell, Montana where my son and daughter-in-law live. We had two days with them and then we all drove to Spokane for the graduation of our oldest granddaughter from Eastern Washington University. She now has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.  She has two practicums to complete before she can sit for her board exams late this fall. We are so proud of her accomplishment.

The day after we arrived both my son and d-i-l were working so my husband and I went to the movies to see The Zookeeper’s Wife. It was excellent. This is the view from the parking lot at the movie theater. Being in Montana always forces me to raise my eyes to the purple mountains’ majesty.

The graduation was a chance to see some family members. My son, who lives in Aspen, brought his father (my ex) and my daughter-in-law’s mother also came from Ohio. We had two days in Spokane with no rain. My oldest son (father of the graduate) is standing with his hand on his wife’s shoulder. My second son is second from the right. I have tall, blonde sons. 6’4″ and 6’3″.

The graduate’s sister (on the right)  is just completing her Sophmore year at Gonzaga. She’ll be in Florence, Itlay in the fall for her semester abroad. One of those sunny days we were on campus and all the kids were out soaking up the sunshine.

It was nice to get some of the family together. My older brother in California keeps talking about planning a family reunion, but I don’t know how we could possibly get everyone together. It’s a big expense for children and grandchildren, not to mention trying to coordinate schedules.

While in Kalispell we discovered the morel mushrooms had come up in the front yard. We found enough to put in our morning eggs which came from the homestead chickens. Yum!

My Montana son is a builder and this chicken coop is bear proof!

When I got home the backyard was looking like a park. Azaleas and iris blooming and the trees have leaves. The pathetic looking “grass” of February has greened and the bald spots where we put grass seed have sprouted. A lot of our yard is wire grass and lawn ivy, but when it’s green I can pretend it’s lovely turf. Most of the “helicopters” are off the maple trees and we took the tarps off the deck yesterday. It still needs to be cleaned. That’s a next week project.

Tomorrow is the Green Thumb Plant and Garden Treasures Sale at the Woman’s Club. I’ll take some photos. I dug some plants for the sale yesterday. Now I just have to figure out how to get a Victorian plant stand to the club. Somebody will love it and figure out what to do with it. The closest I came was putting empty terracotta pots on it. It needs some love and a couple of cans of black spray paint.

I love visiting with my children and watching my grandchildren grow into adulthood, but after a week away, it was good to get home and sleep in our own bed.

2 thoughts on “Away to the Mountains

  1. Morel mushrooms are the only ones I would ever eat that I picked in the wild. They are so different looking that you don’t have to worry about getting poisoned.


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