Women Who Do Too Much

My friend, Diane Marquette, emailed me after I told her I’d forgotten to do something important. This is what she said…

” ‘Women Who Still Do Too Much,’ like ourselves, cannot keep all the plates spinning all the time. Sometimes stuff’s gonna wobble and break. That’s why there’s glue in the junk drawer.

I appreciated the “still” in what she said. I am trying hard to pare down my commitments so I have more time to write. There are a few more things to do for the Eastern Shore Writers Association and the Bay to Ocean Conference, but then more of my time will be my own. Of course, now that spring is here, the garden is calling…but I am writing every day and the plot for the third book in the Caribbean series is pulling together. I’m thinking about starting to post some excepts from the first book in the series.

Saturday we drove to Philadelphia to take our granddaughter to dinner. She was in town for an Occupational Therapy conference. She lives on the west coast and doesn’t get east very often, so we really enjoyed catching up. I love that we have the same chin! She’s a lovely young woman and we couldn’t be prouder grandparents.

Sunday afternoon I attended a meeting for volunteers at the St. Michaels Farmer’s Market. It’s an important institution in our community for those of us who care about where  are food comes from and how it’s grown or raised. I am excited to see how there can be more linkage between the St. Michaels Community Garden (one of my volunteer activities) and the Farmers Market. Many of us who grow most of our own produce supplement at the Farmers Market. I am stumped by summer squash. My zucchinis and yellow squash never survive squash borers.

Veggie signs went up on Talbot Street this weekend. This is a fun fundraiser for the Farmers Market.Other organizations do similar fund raisers. Before Valentine’s Day we have Hearts on Talbot, we have Jack Russel dog signs before the Jack Russel races at Perry Cabin, and silver stars before Christmas in St. Michaels.


There’s always something going on in this wonderful small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

7 thoughts on “Women Who Do Too Much

  1. She is a lovely woman, and apparently gets some of her good looks from her grandmother. You are busy spinning those plate. Once you reduce your load, I think you will love the free time to do what you wish. I look forward to following your progress.


    • Weather was nice this morning and I was out in the garden planting seeds in my raised beds. Now I’m headed off to a class for people who want to sing but think they can’t. That is certainly going to turn into a blog post.

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  2. How absolutely grand that you got to spend that time with your granddaughter Mala. And we have the same problem with the squash borers. It’s in the soil I believe. So I’ve suggested growing the plants in a tub but letting them grow out over the garden and see what that does. Wishing us all luck.


    • If the squash borer grubs are in the soil they will get into the squash stems that lie on the ground, too. It’s so frustrating to have a plant that looks fabulous, full of baby squash one day and dead two days later.

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