Working Writer’s Forum Embraces Technology

I’ve belonged to the Working Writer’s Forum for ten years. A few of us were part of the original group which has morphed and evolved over the years. I really value what these folks have to say about my writing. Currently we are nine writers who meet monthly to critique one each others work. We limit ourselves to no more than two submissions of 25 pages.

Recently one of our members moved to Arizona. She is a terrific writer and an excellent critiquer so we didn’t want to lose her. She’s also a really special lady. Someone suggested we bring her in using an iPad. So we did and it worked really well. Another member spends the winter in Florida and we also wanted to include her. So last night we had two Forum members take part using technology.


I hope this group stays just the way it is. We’ve created a climate of trust that would be difficult to replicate.

I volunteered to submit for April, although I said it might not be 25 pages. This will force me to spend some time on book three in the Caribbean series while I am revising the first two for republication under my name.




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