Pen Names and a Republishing Decision


The writing project of the moment is getting rid of pen names and republishing/rebranding some already published titles.

When I published my first novel in 2003, it was with a vanity press. There weren’t a lot of publishing options at that point. I had an agent who sat on the manuscript for a year and then informed me that she only took Christian focused books. She must have changed her focus at some point and forgot to let me know, but it was a year wasted trying to get an agent. Other agents didn’t care that I was previously published by DoubleDay and Brunner/Mazel.

This was at the beginning of the internet so it wasn’t so easy to find out who did what. The vanity press decision was because that seemed the only option to publishing or having the manuscript live in a box in the back of my closet.

At that point in my life I had a private practice as a clinical social worker and since I had scoped out the plot with my psychologist husband, it made sense at the time to publish the novel using a pen name – Annie Rogers – which acknowledged us both. However, we were both clear that the writing was mine alone.

In hindsight it was a mistake. Since I wrote the book, I should have just put my name on it. I suppose it spoke to insecurities which I don’t seem to care about any longer. Then I wondered if clients would see me as a credible therapist if I wrote paranormal romance? That career is behind me, so for a number of years I have thought about republishing my two Caribbean novels under my own name.

When I started working with Laura Ambler we also used a pen name for our e-novel, Big Skye Ranch. Later we also decided we liked another title better, so we are in the process of republishing that book as Last Chance Ranch with our real names as authors. We’ll publish it with CreateSpace as a paperback and as a rebranded ebook.

Now there are multiple options for publishing that didn’t exist twelve years ago. Republishing a book requires a new ISBN number and a new cover. No problem. Talented Laura is designing covers for my Caribbean novels and Last Chance Ranch. And it gives me the chance to tighten up the dialog in my first two novels. I’m a better writer than I was then.

This decision will move forward to finish the third novel in my Caribbean Series. When they’re all published, I’ll start on marketing.



5 thoughts on “Pen Names and a Republishing Decision

  1. Can’t wait for that third Carribean novel….well I have been waiting several years…glad to hear you are moving forward on it!


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