Feeling Like Roseanne Roseannadanna

It’s always something!

Late Saturday afternoon I noticed that the stuff in the freezer of my French door fridge was not frozen. My first response was to accuse my husband of not shutting the door properly when he put in a supply of mango sorbet.

We quickly figured out the fridge/freezer dysfunction wasn’t his fault. The light was on in the fridge but nothing was cooling in either fridge or freezer.Of course this was late Saturday afternoon. Do appliances have internal programming which only allows them to malfunction on weekends?

In the freezer several bags of tomatoes waiting to be turned into sauce were thawed, but still cold. I thought about making a trip to Lowe’s for a huge cooler box, but decided the fridge and freezer already were well insulated coolers and what was needed was ice. A quick trip to the the gas station around the corner for multiple bags of ice which were inserted into small kitchen garbage bags and placed strategically over chicken breasts, pork chops and other protein in the freezer. Bags of peas were expendable and much less expensive to replace. Three bags of ice went into the fridge. When I bought the ice I noticed that there were blocks of ices for sale as well. They might have lasted longer, but were not as adaptable in terms of space available.

My husband began online research about the cost of replacing the fridge. 2K and up. We were hoping that wasn’t going to be necessary because we are looking at replacing the AC and furnace this fall.

We had a family birthday party in Philadelphia on Sunday (2 1/2 hours up and 2 1/2 hours back) so in the morning we got more ice to replace what was thawing. We did that again Sunday evening. I left a call at the place where we purchased the fridge and left a message that I needed somebody first thing Monday morning. Higgins and Spencer has competitive pricing on appliances and they have great service.

This morning I did another ice run in my yoga pants, went to yoga at seven and was home a little after eight. I got a call at quarter to nine from the repair people and they were at my house fifteen minutes later. It was a relay switch to the compressor that had burned out. A quick and easy fix as the repair guy had a brought a part with him.  He told me that appliances now have a 9-10 year life span and he thinks the quality has gone down.  I remember when appliances lasted 30 years!

Since we bought all our appliances at the same time ten years ago when our remodeling project was finished, we are at that point. I don’t know how much this burned out relay will end up costing us, but I’m thinking maybe a couple hundred dollars. We dodged the new fridge bullet for awhile.

I took advantage of the fridge being pulled out to wipe down walls and wash the floor. That probably had last been done ten years ago when we bought that fridge.

I was told to leave the ice in the fridge until about noon and then remove it. At that point I can assess what needs to be pitched. This afternoon will be all about cooking frozen protein that thawed but remained cold enough that I’m not worried it went bad. Oh,  and a lot of tomatoes to simmer on the stove for tomato sauce to be canned. I’ll have to get out my biggest stock pot.

As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, it’s always something.



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