Parking Lot Rant

Like most people who blog, I have draft posts that were never published. I just found this one.

This post isn’t about writing. It’s just a rant. Couple of days ago I noticed that some bozo or bozette had cut his or her wheels while I was parked at Graul’s Supermarket (I’m gonna be gender neutral here, but I’m picturing a guy from Tilghman Island in a big honking truck) and left a big dent in the front side panel of my Honda Accord. It was on the passenger side so I didn’t notice it until I got home.

Did that person leave a note on my windshield? Of course not!  My car is only two years old and already had major body work because it was attacked by a deer last December 23rd on my home from the last performance of The Santa Diaries. That was mostly covered by insurance, but since there isn’t any other insurance company to go after with this claim, my rates will get jacked.

At least that’s what USAA told me when I asked why they raised my rates last year. All because I had a windshield replaced on my previous car. My USAA car insurance doesn’t cover windshield replacements so I paid out of pocket. Apparently Safelite sent in a claim and got paid twice. I never knew that until I got the notice of the rate hike. When I called the insurance company to find out why my rates had been raised I was told it was because there was nobody to go after when a stone breaks your windshield. Duh! Isn’t that why you have insurance. For accidents!  I was starting to feel like a Liberty Mutual ad so I hung up.

Since there’s nobody to go after in this instance, I figure my rates will get raised if I put in a claim. Mullikens in Easton told me $845 to fix the fender damage. $845. And that’s no new parts, just taking the old stuff off, pulling out the dent, repainting. Okay, I can see maybe how they get to $845. I know they are in business to make a profit, but seriously, I’m going to have to think about whether I’m going to have it repaired or not. It’s on the other side of the car so I don’t see it much.

However, I’m putting out a universal curse on parking lot people who damage other people’s cars and don’t leave their contact information. You ought to be ashamed.

Update two years later: I did get the car fixed. It’s as good as new, but just reading this makes me mad all over again. I have to remind myself that most people are responsible – just not the one who damaged my car.

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