Did You Meet Your Goals?

My husband often asks me this question over dinner. I usually have to think because I always have a “to do” list in my head, but it’s frequently not very focused. Not yesterday. I had two specific things I wanted to get done. Weed a front flower bed so the self-seeding cleome could be seen and fix the leak in the second drip irrigation system. Oh, and help my husband mow the lawn. Lots of rain was expected and much of our yard becomes too wet to mow.

drip irrigation

This was the area on the drip irrigation tubing where the squirrel had dinner. I had to cut a piece out which wasn’t a hard repair. It was getting the small drip line settled into the hole above my hand. Three tries and several tiny connectors lost in the creeping Jenny, and the the leak was fixed. I still have to put the lines back in my azalea garden, but fixing the leak was at the top of my priority list. Two days ago I programed the timer and put it on the hose bib so if it ever stops raining I can actually turn the system on and forget about it for the summer.

The Amish Paste and Sun Gold cherry tomatoes I grew from seed are blooming. We just need some warm weather now.

tomatoes blooming

The other thing on my list was to weed the bed where my cleome self-seed. This involved being on my knees and pulling tiny weeds to uncover the sprouting cleome. I was so happy to have that job completed. I put some mulch around the edges and now that area looks a thousand times better. Notice the window boxes are in. Not impressive yet, but they will be. Putting drip irrigation in those boxes was one of the best gardening investments I made. The front of the house gets the afternoon sun and by the end of the summer I used to have to water the boxes twice a day.

weeded flower bed

The little green plants on the grass side of the bed are the cleome seedlings. Once they are a little larger, I’ll thin them. The wet and finally warm weather has the mosquitoes hatching. When it dries out I’ll do some spaying so we can enjoy our deck.

The most labor intensive outdoor gardening chores will soon be completed and I can get back to writing. At this time of year it’s just an hour here and there, but once it gets really hot and humid, I want to be inside after ten in the morning.

More photos to come. #lovemygarden




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