Life Expectancy of TVs

We clicked the remote “on.”  We got sound but no picture. We turned the TV off and tried again. Same deal, but now no sound. This was catastrophic. Photo below is not me, of course, but the expression was spot on. Maybe if I just pressed the on button harder, the TV would work.

We’d been talking about getting a new TV for awhile. This one, in the living room, is ten years old and it’s not a “smart” television. We can’t watch cute cat videos or get Netflix on that TV. The HD function quit a couple of years ago, but we didn’t care. No picture and no sound got us in the car headed over the bridge to Best Buy in Annapolis. When we asked the person at the store how long we could expect a TV to last, he said 8-10 years. We are the generation that believes appliances, including TVs, should last 25 years. The new TV will probably be seriously outdated in five.

We knew they’d have to deliver it and set it up but they couldn’t schedule us until next Tuesday. I didn’t realize how much we had the TV on. It was sort of like me going on a diet and realizing how much grazing I do. When I’m in the kitchen I might be half watching a cooking or fixer upper show. Or just listening to one of the multiple music channels on Direct TV – usually New Age which makes my husband want to throw himself out the window. I tell him to turn his hearing aids off and remind him we have a one story house.

In the meantime we have the TV in the bedroom which is pretty darn inconvenient. We’ve always been early to bed, early to rise people, but going into the bedroom right after dinner is ridiculous – especially since we are usually finished eating by six. Tuesday can’t come fast enough.

As if having a dead TV wasn’t bad enough, I went out yesterday to mow a couple of spots in the yard where the grass was getting high. We’d taken the mower in for it’s annual check-up and got it back a week ago. The mower started right up but I hadn’t gone 30 feet when our trusty little Honda mower just crapped out. I couldn’t get it restarted, and neither could the husband.

So this morning we loaded it back into the trunk and Roger drove it back to the dealer. The guy told him they’d turned the gas off before they put it in the car for us to bring home. Would have been nice if they’d told us that.The good news was that we had a working mower.

Wrong. Our high only lasted a few minutes. We turned the gas back on and I started mowing. A minute later the mower quit again. And before that the engine didn’t sound like it was running smoothly. I called the husband. He started it again and then watched while it ran for a little while before coming to a halt. Why is it I always think I’ve done something to make anything mechanical break?

So this afternoon it will go back to the shop. Something’s not right. That mower is 11 years old, so I’m hoping it can be brought back up to speed and quickly because the grass doesn’t care. It just keeps growing. Please tell me the life expectancy of mowers is not the same as that of TVs.


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