We Go to the Movies

We were in Key West for two weeks and one of the things we do is go to the movies – a lot.  Maybe it’s the Oscar nominations that pushes us to get out of the rental condo. After all, if you write scripts going to the movies is research.  Here’s what we saw and what I thought.

45 years movie

My husband and I have been married for forty years. All of us who have been married that long could recognize parts of ourselves in this couple. Not necessarily the big secret the husband carried, but the everyday work of keeping a relationship alive. Pollyanna me was hoping for a more hopeful ending; it was a depressing movie. Sex scenes with saggy asses hit too close to home. That being said, the actors gave amazingly nuanced, Oscar worthy performances.

joy movie

Until fifteen minutes into this movie, I didn’t know it was about Joy Magnano. Heck, I have a bunch of her products bought on HSN in the middle of the night when my husband was asleep next to me. And they are clever products I like and use.

I hope her parents are dead because they were portrayed as flawed users. As someone who writes scripts, I know that the genre historical fiction means you have to push the edges of what really happened. Laura and I did that in our script Loverly, the story of Alan Jay Lerner and how My Fair Lady came to Broadway. We had to fudge the date of Lerner’s father’s death. The date of his actual death inconveniently didn’t work with the plot arc.

I like movies where the underdog wins, especially underdog women, so I liked Joy.

danish girl movie

“Wow” is all I can say about The Danish Girl. The script was flawless as were the performances. If Redmayne doesn’t win an Oscar for best actor, something’s wrong. Don’t miss this movie. Watching him come to terms with his inner gender and trying on feminine mannerisms was so well done. This script is based on a book by the real Danish Girl. How horrible it must have been to be transgendered before anyone knew what it was. Spoiler alert: some full frontal male nudity that was not gratuitous.

Brooklyn movie

This was a beautifully done movie. It spoke to the choices that we make and how they effect our lives moving forward.

big short movie

I left The Big Short feeling totally pissed off. Why are none of the people who created this economic crisis in jail? And it sounds like they are doing it again. Both Laura and my husband had read the book and wondered how it could be possibly be made into a movie. So kudos to the script writers and how they made incredibly complicated financial issues understandable. Awesome performances by Christian Bale and Steve Carell.

We haven’t seen The Martian or Room, and I passed on The Revenant and Mad Max Fury Road.

Watching movies is research for script writers. I’m so glad it’s part of the job!

2 thoughts on “We Go to the Movies

  1. Great reviews. Guess you have to be on more cultured places to have your theater show some of these. I want to see Brooklyn so bad. I fear it will be gone by the time I get to the theater. You’ve made me want to see Joy now.


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