An Early Christmas Gift

Yesterday I had errands to do and every time I got out of the car I was hit by the nasty cold wind. Winter had finally arrived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My last stop was the Bank of America. They closed their branch in St. Michaels a couple of years ago, including what I call the Magic Money Machine. It’s really inconvenient. We have to drive fifteen minutes to get cash, so we try to combine that errand with others in Easton.


Anyway, my last errand was the bank. The woman in front of me was trying to get a check cashed. The teller told her she had to take the check to the bank where she had an account. Apparently she had already been to that bank but it wasn’t open on Saturday morning. I heard her say she couldn’t drive because of her eyes and had walked from home. When she turned to go I asked her if she wanted to wait and I would drive her to her bank and then back home. I was finished with my errands and didn’t have a pot of anything on the stove that needed tending. She demurred, not wanting to inconvenience me. I again said I’d be happy to give her a lift and reminded her how cold and windy it was outside. So she said yes.

The open branch of her bank was on the other side of town by the Walmart, so we had time to chat. By the end of the ride she had me on her prayer list for my husband’s feet and for me to be more patient. I need all the help I can get in that department.

She was a calm presence in my car for those twenty minutes – an early Christmas gift during this busy time. She thought I was helping her!

So, thank you, Betty, for accepting my offer of a ride. It was the bright spot of my morning. I know you don’t do computers, but you have my phone number. I hope I’ll hear from you because I’m sure I’ll need your prayers in the future.

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