More of the Romance in the Pasture Story…

Local friends have been sending me photos of the ongoing story that was taking place in a fenced pasture on the way to Easton. I’m hoping eventually to have the entire story arc in photos. I’m missing the first one of the guy sitting on the fence by himself.

couple early on roadster

I think there was also a scene with the woman on the scooter and the guy before his truck was added. Then the roadster showed up. I thought there was one where it looked like they were having a party; maybe my imagination added that one. And there was a proposal scene before the post wedding “Just Married” truck scene.

couple wedding in truck

couple just married


couple building house

couple house completed



Those are horse sculptures on the left of this picture. They are always in the pasture. The house has potted mums by the front door and front door lights to welcome the young couple home when it gets too cold to sit out and watch dusk descend. I’ll let you know if this romance in the pasture story continues. Who knows, it could go all the way to Christmas.

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