My New Favorite Thing – Fried Halloumi Cheese

My husband loves what he calls “French dinners.” It’s really tapas from leftovers. A little bit of this and a little bit of that with a nice bottle of wine. Now I have something new to serve which elevates leftovers to another level. Fried Halloumi cheese.

halloumi cheese prep

I saw this cheese in the health food store a couple of weeks ago. It said it was the “authentic grilling cheese of Cyprus.” It was made from goat and sheep milk which are dairy sources I can eat, so I bought some.

When I came home I looked it up on the internet. Turns out that fried Halloumi cheese and olives are a staple breakfast dish in the middle east. The cheese is cut into cubes and fried in olive oil to which a few red pepper flakes have been added. The cheese gets a lovely brown crust.

halloumi cheese and mala

Laura was coming over for dinner since her husband was flying. She helped put our French/Middle Eastern/Spanish tapas dinner on the coffee table. Steamed shrimp with fresh herbs. Salami. A salad made from three different kinds of cherry tomatoes from my garden with pea shoots (local farmer’s market) dressed with olive oil and white balsamic vinegar with honey. Green grapes and local figs. And, of course, the fried Halloumi Cheese with olives. And wine. What a treat. Note: unless we are eating in the dining room, Laura prefers to sit on the floor.

halloumi cheese Laura and Roger

When the evening was over I thought how easy this dinner had been. Of course with Laura I never angst about whether the house is clean, but I was talking to myself about getting better about inviting people for simple dinners that don’t take all day. The all day affairs always leave my wondering what was I thinking when I issued those invitations. I predict more French dinners in my future.

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