Little Shop of Horrors Plant

A gardening friend asked if I wanted a night blooming cereus. It was a cutting from her Grandmother’s plant that was over 100 years old. What gardener could possibly turn that down.

Mary brought me the plant and said if a piece broke off, to just stick it into the soil in the pot. That should have been the first clue, but I was totally fixated on the origins of this cactus. She said to keep it in  low light and on the dry side. It is a cactus, after all. I had a spot on my bookshelf and put it there to live.

night blooming cereus

Six months later it is taking over the spot. What to do. Another friend who has one of these plants told me to cut it back and put it outside in the shade for the summer. Her plant had eighteen blooms last winter. She also said hers was now in a huge pot and she practically needed a forklift to move it.


Today I am taking my night blooming cereus outside and cutting it back. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

2 thoughts on “Little Shop of Horrors Plant

  1. I had a friend now deceased who lived down Church Neck, he and his wife had a sky light put in the corner of their living room. Also a had a copper pan I quess you would say it was about 6×6 with about a 4 inch ledge. They filled the pan with pebbles and their plant sat in the middle of this. I forgot the ceiling was about twenty feet high there ( highest point in the house).Which the plant nearly touched. Every year when it bloomed late at night the had these huge parties. Fun memories!! He always asked if I wanted a cutting, I never excepted because I didn’t feel like hosting the late night parties.
    Danna M. Murden


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