And Here They Come…

Saturday morning I sat on my front steps and watched runners propel themselves down my street. First the speedy runners, determined to finish the race first, then a bunch of high school kids, then the folks who probably run every day.

runners 2

runners with strollers

Then more people than I would have expected pushing strollers, and finally the runner/walkers who just wanted to finish. In past years I’ve seen people using walkers, but if they were out this year, I missed them. More power to these energetic folk.

By 9:00 twenty-eight hundred people had passed in front of my house and the road was clear. A good thing because I had a 10 o’clock Bay to Ocean Writers Conference meeting in Easton and needed to be on the road.

This was the fourth year of the  St. Michaels Running Festival. It’s website describes it as “one of the premier destination races in the Mid-Atlantic. Based in one of the oldest waterfront towns on the Chesapeake, runners will be treated to gorgeous water views, a quick mile past charming main street shops for the 10k and half marathon and a rockin’ after-party in downtown St. Michaels. In addition to offering the flattest, fastest USATF half marathon in the region, runners get a generous package including race shirt, finisher medal or pin, complimentary refreshment, handmade finish line treats and so much more.”

The Running Festival donates to a number of charities. One of them is the St. Michaels Community Center, but not all the proceeds go to local charities and that’s a shame. The main road in town is tied up all day making traffic a nightmare. Local businesses suffer and other events get cancelled because people can’t get to them. In my opinion if the St. Michaels Running Festival is going to use the town, the charities it supports should all be local. That’s my rant!

Saturday the weather was perfect for a good run. Me? I sat on the steps and watched, hoping my FitBit would sync with those pumping legs navigating my street.

1 thought on “And Here They Come…

  1. Mala,
    I started to write this way back when you posted it. I agree with you totally. When the town sent out the memo about the meeting about the race I emailed back a question. They forwarded it to the running committee. They answered but they did every thing they could not to answer my questions. I had to be very specfic with my wording to get my answers. But my most important question of how much money was made that day they did not answer. We’re very evasive went on about being busy with the bridge race and such blah blah. Because they don’t us to know how much they are making while they inconvenience everyone and give out a portion to charity here to make it look like they are really doing something.


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