Laura Blogs about Seared Duck Breast

I love cooking. I love cooking shows. I love talking about food. Ask friends, and even not so close friends, I love talking about food. I actually drool. Seriously. It’s disgusting.

I love thinking and writing about food and once penned a screenplay called Secrets of the CIA. No, not the spooky alphabet agency- the Culinary Institute of America.

Mala and I manage to add food into just about anything we write. I just plain love food. From pate and caviar, to Big Macs and fried bologna sandwiches, count me in. And Bugles? Don’t get me started. They make the BEST witchy fingernails ever and then – YOU GET TO EAT THEM!!! Does food get better than that??

The subject of dinner comes up in the office every afternoon and especially when Mala and I are writing. We tantalize each other with what we had the night before or what’s to come tonight.

Mala thought it might be fun to share. I liked the idea because (I’m the REALLY crummy, sluggy, non-contributing partner in this blog.) plus it would give me a way to remember some of these dishes. (Don’t blame the wine. I try not to.)

Dinner usually starts with a survey of the fridge, freezer, and pantry and no pre-planned menu. Last night’s sortie turned into:

Duck Medallians

Seared duck breast medallions with parmesan mashed turnips drizzled with a brown butter duck jus and a red cabbage/Granny Smith apple, honey and balsamic vinegar slaw.

Time: 35 minutes (for 2 or 3)

Chop turnips, boil
Pan sear duck breast in butter/olive oil. Then put in oven for 10-20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Chop ¼ of red cabbage, ½ Granny Smith Apple and add honey and Balsamic to to taste. Refrigerate.

Smash/rice/whip turnips. Add butter, parm, cream, etc. (whatever you have).

Salt and pepper EVERYTHING. To taste.

Then Plate. Make it pretty! (Good plating is like lingerie- a feast for the eyes that whets the senses, and makes everything taste better! Which results in, as my friend Speedy calls it, “The big food O!”

Note from Mala: Laura’s plate looks like it came from a restaurant kitchen. Mine never look like that. I love cooking, but we have a lot of food sensitivities in our household which makes cooking challenging. Laura has inspired me to try to make my plates prettier. But her comment about lingerie?  Just ask my lucky husband.

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