Flea Market Flip


Last Friday this little girl came into the Woman’s Club of St. Michaels’ Consignment Capers event that I co-chaired. She walked around several times and then honed in on this treadle sewing machine base with an oak top. $45. This kid knows a bargain. I doubt she was eight years old.

Her mother told me that the little girl had graduated from cartoons and her favorite TV show was Flea Market Flip. This was early on the first morning of the sale. We don’t negotiate prices first thing, and this precocious child really wanted to negotiate. But no deal. If we won’t negotiate with the dealers we can’t change the rules just because somebody is so darn cute. I think the photo says it all. She really, really wanted the fun of the deal and was a little ticked.

We heard her mother talking to her about how sometimes if there’s something you love, you just have to get it because it might not be there later. So mother handed over the cash and one of our first customers went home happy. We have no idea what she’s planning to do with it. I hope she won’t paint it pink and put glitter all over it, but it’s hers now.

The next morning the father and daughter came to pick up the table and it turns out they are new neighbors. They are down the road and around the corner so I might not have met them if they hadn’t come to Consignment Capers.


2 thoughts on “Flea Market Flip

  1. The episode City vs. Country girls July 2015 was offensive. The city team made a comment that country girls are simple minded. I turned the show off after hearing his comment. 😦


    • I didn’t see that episode. Sounds like someone should have censored that contestant, although on all these reality shows I think the producers like people to be rude.


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