A Writer’s Conference to Remember

The weather goddesses smiled on the Bay to Ocean Writers Conference once again on February 28th. It was cold but clear, and the snow held off until the next day. We had one minor hiccup when a speaker called me at 7:30 a.m. to say she had woken up with conjunctivitis and needed to go the the doctor. She had a 10:30 presentation slot, and was an hour away. But she kept in touch by phone and managed to get to the conference with time to spare.

That speaker had  also signed up for a head shot session with Jennifer Madino of Jennifer Dawn Photography. Laura took advantage of this opportunity as did I. I’ll publish our photos when we get them. I did put mascara on, but as I had to be at the conference site at 6 a.m. the photos will show if it ended up where I intended.

Jenny taking Laura's photo

The speaker with conjunctivitis was concerned about her red eye, but Jenny said she could fix it with PhotoShop. Need whiter teeth, under eye bags, crows feet, or wattle removed? Jenny’s healing brush is at the ready.

BTO is organized by an all volunteer committee and we work all year for this one day. Our time and energy is our gift to writers and their enthusiasm and appreciation as they leave the conference is our pay.

We’ll take a short break and begin planning Bay to Ocean 2016 on April 4th.



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