Could I Face the World Without Mascara?

I just looked Googled the question “who invented mascara?” Early Egyptian versions included crocodile dung. Why am I not surprised! Later versions were mixtures of petroleum jelly and coal. The mascara wand was not developed until almost 1960.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the way I look when I add mascara to my make-up routine.

mascara pandas

Note: my make-up routine is not very exciting. Some moisterizer and then a little bit of Bare Minerals powder. If I’m going out into public I might add some eyeliner. But if I’m going out to dine, or know I’m going to be photographed, or attending a meeting with other “women of a certain age” I go the additional mile and add mascara. After all, we need to pretend to one another that we are still in our 30’s.

The problem is that I’m right handed and when I put mascara on my left eye I usually manage to poke myself in the eye with the wand. I’ve always wondered they call it that. Wand, as in magic wand? Will it magically make us 20 again? Do I really want to look like those women in the ads who seem to have grown pelts on their upper lids? Disclaimer: photo below is not me.

mascara pelt

When I was twenty you could still see my blonde eyelashes. They were kind of golden. They’re still there, but seem to have receeded into invisibility only corrected by the dreaded wand.

 mascara wide eyed

The indignity of poking myself in the eye always results in a reflex action of my hand that means I have now smeared mascara below my eye. That section where I had carefully applied concealer. Crap! Now I have to start again on that left eye and hope I can make it look like the right eye. You can understand why most days I don’t even pick up mascara. If I’m writing at my computer, or out in the garden, who’s going to see me?  

My husband will, of course, but he tells me he likes me with or without make-up and I’m inclined to take him at his word.

And I didn’t even get to the part about removing mascara before going to bed. That’s another travail. I’m beginning to wonder why I ever bother. Could I face the world without mascara? What about you?



2 thoughts on “Could I Face the World Without Mascara?

  1. I am not living without it. I even have a pack with a friend if I am bad sick in the Hospital where people will see me besides my husband ( he rarely gets to see me without it) she will come put it on me. I will do something similar for her in the looks department. We are all a little vain about something


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