Verizon DSL vs Atlantic BB

Verizon DSL, Atlantic BB and HVAC

Friday, October 3, 2015: Two guys from Atlantic Broadband showed up to bury a cable from the pole in the back to the house. That was what the guy who came a month ago said needed to be done. The Friday crew showed up with a tractor trailer and a trencher. When they looked at the site they decided they didn’t need to bury the cable, they could run a wire next to our overhead phone wire.

The next day the guy showed up to install the internet service. He discovered that there was already an Atlantic BB cable to the house. It is buried, but there was a bright orange cable and box by the house. With all the digging I do in my garden beds, it’s amazing I hadn’t found that cable. And even more amazing that Friday’s crew of two didn’t see it. It’s located next to where the Direct TV cable comes into the house and they looked at that area. Maybe they were both color blind.

The Saturday guy knew what he was doing. The cable, which must have been installed before we moved into this house 9 years ago, was still live. I had bought the needed DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, which Atlantic BB wanted to rent to me for $8 a month + $10 a month for an “n” router. I said NO!  Since I had all the equipment, we were up and running in an hour. I can’t wait for faster internet.

The installer had to go under the house into the crawl space. Crawl space is no exaggeration. Most Eastern Shore houses of a certain age (the 60’s) were built on foundations two cinder blocks high – about 20 inches. Both my husband and I are very hands-on home owners but neither of us have been under this house. Nobody wants to go under the house. When the installer came out from running the cable to the router in my husband’s office, he told me there were three of the HVAC tubes that were not attached to the heating and AC. Just laying on the ground. I don’t want to think about how long that has been going on. Did we heat the crawl space during last winter’s cold weather? Cool the crawl space all summer? I gave him a nice tip.

Sunday, October 5: We had somebody from Service Today, who installed the HVAC system six years ago, come out to hook the HVAC tubes back up. It was 68 in the house that morning. Nothing a sweater couldn’t fix, but colder weather will be here soon. We want to be able to turn on the furnace. When I saw the older gentleman who came get out of his truck, I knew there was going to be a problem. He got in the first part of the crawl space, but couldn’t get through the smaller opening to where the problem was. He was too fat. Someone thinner is supposed to come on Tuesday.

And the Atlantic BB vs DSL issue? I don’t think my internet access is any faster. It might even be slower. Sunday morning it was just as pokey as before. Our IT guy is coming out on Tuesday to fix a printer issue for my husband’s MAC. He’ll check the speed and see where we are. My husband says his internet is faster, but the router is on his desk. I’m ten feet away in another room. Even if my internet isn’t faster after all this, we found a problem in the crawl space that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about, so that was a very good thing.

Tuesday, October 7: I was gone all day on a bus trip to Winterthur to see the incredible Downton Abby costume exhibit. My husband, Roger, was at home to handle people showing up to fix things.

Travis, our IT guy from Staples, came out. It wasn’t my imagination. My internet is no faster. He ordered a Universal Dual Band Wireless Internet Adapter for me and is supposed to come on Thursday to install it.

Another guy from Service Today came out. Much younger and thinner. He hooked up the tubes and, when he emerged, told Roger there was a cat skeleton in that section of the crawl space. I didn’t really want to know that. He thought maybe it had crawled in there to keep warm. The fact that it was a skeleton makes me think those HVAC tubes have been hanging a long time. Money down the drain. Oh, and he didn’t bring out the remains. Now I know I’m not going down in that crawl space. I wonder which neighbor has been missing a cat.

Thursday, October 9: Travis didn’t show up. He must have gotten tied up on another appointment since he stays until the issue is resolved. I’ll call to schedule another appointment.The internet speed issue is annoying, but not crucial at this point. The Bay to Ocean website that I take care of is completed for the time being.

And life goes on, despite pokey internet access and HVAC issues. Cold and rainy again today. I’m not complaining. We need the rain, but we might have our first fire of the season tonight to take the chill off the house.



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