Designated Driver

This was a post that I started on September 14th. Now that we have a new thing to celebrate – being quarter finalists in the Final Draft Big Break Contest – we’ll have to do it again. Hopefully Laura’s husband can join us.

9/14/14: Laura, my husband and I had dinner last night at Scossa’s in Easton. Her husband was on a flight. We offered to pick Laura up so she could have that last glass of after-dinner grappa. Two glasses of wine is my limit, so I was the designated driver.


It was a celebration dinner. We had just heard that one of our scripts, Loverly, is being considered by Richard Saperstein. Loverly is about how My Fair Lady made it to Broadway – a story so bizarre we couldn’t have made it up.

We finished the #Santa script, and – most importantly – Laura’s company, East Coast Flight got  a contract award for Domestic Charter Airlift Services which allows them to bid on lots of projects. She’s been working on this for several years, so it was a HUGE accomplishment!

We weren’t always so good about celebrating, but are doing better. We’ve realized that even if we don’t always get to the goal, we need to celebrate the milestones along the way.




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